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What To Do if “Check Engine” Light Comes On? Find Out!

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Staying on top of car maintenance involves a bit of work, but most modern vehicles have implemented technology to notify you when your car needs attention. Whether that’s the check engine light or low tire pressure, you’ll be notified through your car’s dashboard.

However, the issue may not always be immediately apparent, even with the warning light. The check engine signal, for example, can come on for hundreds of reasons. Your engine might have a major problem that needs to be attended to right away, or your gas cap might have been loose after your last gas trip. For that reason, many drivers are left unsure about what’s exactly wrong with their engine.

What to do if the check engine light comes on?

Endurance handles thousands of auto repair claims every month and has a team of auto experts to help you out. We spoke with Alex Perrone, a veteran mechanic who’s worked in the automotive industry for 21 years, for a few helpful hints to assist you in reading the engine light clues.

  1. Check minor things first when a light comes on. Think of the gas cap example. A check engine light may appear for something that simple, so it’s a good idea to take a few minutes and check some of the more minor things that could be wrong.
  2. Reference your owner’s manual. The owner’s manual should contain an explanation of each light and what it means to give you some insight and direction if you’re not too car-savvy.
  3. Use your Endurance benefits. Every Endurance warranty contract comes with amazing benefits that are worth using as often as possible! If a light comes on and your car is exhibiting other signs of a problem, like a strange noise or difficulty driving, use the towing benefit to get it checked out without causing further damage.
  4. Get the code read. Often, a light will come on and it seems serious, but you really can’t tell what the root of the problem is. Some cars will tell you to stop driving when any light comes on. National chains like Autozone can run a free diagnostic on your engine when the light comes on, typically costing up to $100 at a local mechanic. Every issue has a code affiliated with it to help mechanics properly treat the issue. Once you know what to repair, you can get the issue resolved and be back on the road right away.

We recommend handling any warning signs as you would with the “check engine” light. Treating car issues right away can help you avoid costly repairs down the road, or create additional damage to other connecting parts.

If you’re ever unsure about what to do, you can always contact Endurance for assistance. The auto experts can guide you through figuring out if you need a tow, roadside assistance, or simply need to schedule a future repair. The goal for any vehicle protection plan is to ensure that the vehicle covered stays safe and road-worthy for as long as possible.

Prepare for future repairs with Endurance

In addition to handling premature car issues early, we recommend investing in a vehicle service contract to help cover costs. Being an Endurance customer comes with many perks in addition to receiving the most comprehensive auto protection in the market. Not only are you protected from the costs of sudden breakdowns, but you can also receive a year’s worth of Beneficios de élite such as key fob replacements, tire repairs or replacements, collision discounts, and more. Simply purchase any Endurance protection plan, pay a small activation fee and enjoy your year of extra perks and savings.

If you don’t have auto protection from Endurance, now is the time to prepare for the unexpected. You can request a no-obligation quote or call 1-800-253-8203 to learn more. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to car maintenance, and we’re here to help.

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