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4 Expensive Chevrolet Repairs to Prepare For

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Common Maintenance for Chevrolet

In a perfect world, your Chevrolet would never breakdown. We wouldn’t need to prepare for car repairs over $1,000 but yet here we are!

Now when it comes to Chevrolet, repairs are hard to pre-determine. One thing we do know is their reliability rating which ranked 23rd (out of 29 car brands) in 2019.

What does this mean for Chevrolet owners? Well, you might find yourself getting repairs more often than you think. Of course, every repair differs in price but that doesn’t cancel out the repair that’ll cost $1,600.

To help in knowing what to expect, we found the most common repairs for Chevrolet.

Common Repairs for Chevrolet


Imagine the engine as the “brain” of your car. The engine affects many other parts of your car so when a problem pops up, this needs to be handled quickly.

Let’s say you experience issues and discover the engine head needs replacing. The engine head is the place where the cylinders are joined and holds the central operations system. If there a crack begins to form on the engine, this can result in engine failure.

You’ll notice the “check engine” light turning on or worse—smoke coming out of your tailpipe from oil/coolant leaking. If the head gasket seal is the issue, then that’ll be around $1,200 a $1,600 to fix. To replace the engine head, then that’s a whopping $3,500.

There are ways to avoid this from happening like regular oil changes and keeping track of your car’s temperature when driving. Unfortunately, even the most prepared drivers can experience this car repair.


Now that we’ve uncovered the cost to repair an engine head, let’s get to the second most expensive repair—your transmisión.

Your Chevrolet’s transmission changes the gear ratios (park, reverse, neutral, drive, etc) as the vehicle moves. For most repairs, they can be prevented with proper maintenance.

Transmissions are a bit trickier because they naturally wear down with age so will require attention at some point. Chevrolet offers both automatic and manual transmissions so signs to look for will differ case-by-case.

If you experience some hesitation when shifting gears, then you might need to replace your transmission. Some additional signs are weird noises, having to wiggle into gear, and burning smells.

Replacing your Chevrolet’s transmission ranges between $3,500 a $5,000.

As we all know—transmission repairs pop up when they want to.

To extend the lifespan of your manual transmission, keep the fluid fresh in your transmission. For those with automatic, be conscious of the way you change your gears.

Aire acondicionado

Air conditioning is like an unsung hero we don’t appreciate until it stops working. There are two key parts to the AC system in your Chevrolet—refrigerant and the AC compressor. If you notice hot air blowing, then you might just need more refrigerant.

If that doesn’t do the trick, then the A/C compressor is most likely the problem. The compressor moves the refrigerant through the AC system and compresses the low-pressure refrigerant to create high-pressure refrigerant.

Chevrolet drivers with more than 60,000 miles are more likely to experience this issue than those with newer models.

Replacing the compressor ranges from $747 to $1,055. This can potentially damage your battery so we recommend repairing it as soon as possible.

Sliding Door

This issue relates more to Chevrolet Van owners, but should still be called out! If you find the sliding door malfunctioning, then you might need to replace it.

Some additional signs are clicking noises, the door being stuck in place, and partially closing or opening.

There’s not as much urgency as an engine or transmission repair, but this breakdown can affect your door from properly locking. The average cost to replace the sliding door motor ranges from $1,601 to $1,639.

In total, you’re looking at close to $12,000 in repairs that’ll happen at some point!


How can Endurance help?

Now that your current warranty is expiring, you’ll be responsible for any car breakdowns. Based on the repairs we’ve covered so far….they require thousands of dollars.

There’s good news though! You can still remain covered in the case of a breakdown. Endurance offers quality vehicle service contracts (also known as an extended warranty) that provide the same protection as Chevrolet. We pay the mechanic directly for parts and labor while you sit back and relax!

When you purchased your Chevrolet, you made sure to be covered with a factory warranty. Now that your car is older, why stop? If anything, this is when vehicle protection matters the most.

Endurance provides amazing protection plans that give you peace of mind, and amazing perks. Our plans come with the Beneficios de Endurance Élite which combines the Endurance Protect App from the tienda Apple or from Google Play, a personal concierge, and tire replacements into one package!

The Endurance Elite Benefits also comes with a $250 shopping voucher that can be spent at popular retailers like Nike, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, and even the Hilton!

Our friendly representatives are skilled in everything Chevrolet. Call us now to get your personalized quote from Endurance!

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