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Endurance Wins 2021 Women’s Choice Award for Empowering Confidence in Female Drivers 

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CHICAGO, March 23, 2021 — Endurance announced today that it has been selected for a 2021 Womens Choice Award, a distinction which reflects the trust and endorsement of todays female driversAs the only vehicle service provider endorsed by the Womens Choice Award, this prestigious recognition signifies excellence in customer service y is a symbol that female consumers nationwide have rated Endurance as a brand that they trust and endorse. 

Women make up more than half of the U.S. population, and their influence on household purchase decisions is continually rising. Today, females directly control or heavily influence 70-80% of consumer spending(1) buy over 50% of the products traditionally deemed to be male purchases – including consumer electronics and automobiles.

As a leader in vehicle service contracts that extend drivers mechanical breakdown coverage once the manufacturers warranty runs out, Endurance was founded with a commitment to service, transparency, and accountability in the auto protection industry. That commitment extends to all drivers – especially women – who often express feeling unprepared for a major mechanical breakdown and uncertainty when dealing with automotive repairs. 

Endurance is committed to empowering women with the knowledge and coverage that they need to drive confidently, said Paul Chernawsky, co-founder and CEO of Endurance. When my co-founder and I started Endurance nearly two decades ago, we saw an opportunity to build a brand centered on service that drivers can really trust. Were proud to see that our commitment has resulted in being highly recommended by women for vehicle breakdown protection.  

Empowering Today’s Female Drivers

Endurance partnered with the Womens Choice Award to conduct a survey of women to better understand the needs and experiences of female drivers. The survey reinforced that women are increasingly owning their own vehicle and are the primary party responsible for maintenance and repairs on their automobile. Citing the importance of transportation to their daily lives, a large part of the women surveyed also said that they were unprepared for a major breakdown and were uncertain about who they would turn to for an automotive repair. Respondents emphasized the importance of having a local, certified mechanic that they can trust to service their vehicle. 

Survey insights include

  • Over 50% of women aged 18-60+ report they feel ‘somewhat’ or ‘not at all’ prepared for a breakdown 
  • Only 36% of women aged 18-60+ say that they are very familiar with the maintenance that is required for their vehicle with nearly 7% indicating that they are unfamiliar/have no clue 
  • Over 57% of women aged 18-44 anticipate spending $500-$1,000+ on annual vehicle maintenance 
  • More than 42% of women aged 18-44 rarely or never keep up with the routine maintenance on their vehicle 

For female drivers, the assurance of 24-hour roadside assistance and a breakdown coverage provider who can serve as her advocate with the repair shop during a repair is a major relief. Endurance, for example, works directly with the licensed repair facility to understand the problem with the vehicle, obtain parts, and authorize repairs. Once the factory warranty has expired, Endurance provides security that women need to drive confidently. 

Kerri B., an Endurance customer since 2016 who has had more than $3,300 in repair claimpaid, is a single woman who owns her own business and often drives long distances o commutes alone late at night. Being a woman, it’s always nice to know that I can call a company that will take care of me. My family’s in a different country, so I’ve got somebody looking out for my best interest, and it‘s a worry that I don’t have to take on myself every day. 

When asked about her repair experience, Kerri explained, I dropped my truck off at the dealership and went out of town. Next, Endurance called to tell me that the truck was fixed. I didn’t have to do anything – I just went to pick it up. She added, It was a great feeling to know that when I arrived home, my truck was right there waiting.  

In addition to the comfort women gain in being fully prepared for an unexpected breakdown, Endurance also offers EnduranceVentaja, a vehicle protection plan which includes up to $3,500 of routine maintenance benefits. This gives female drivers who are unfamiliar with their vehicle’s maintenance requirements coverage for oil and filter changes, tire rotations, brake pad and wiper replacement, battery replacement, and more. Plussince Endurance covers the maintenance intervals recommended by the manufacturer, women have the confidence that they are adequately maintaining their vehicle while saving the out-of-pocket expenses related to ongoing upkeep.  

Empowering Today’s Female Mechanics

Endurance has established a national network of certified repair shops that serve as key partners to help drivers get back on the road after a major breakdown. The brands latest national television campaign centers on elevating the automotive technician trade and enhancing the reputation of knowledgeable, certified mechanics and shop owners. With the help of strategic partner RepairPal, Endurance regularly works with certified mechanics across the nation to educate and empower confidence in Americas drivers. In honor of Black History Month and Womens History Month this year, the collaboration was expanded to female mechanics and people of color working in the automotive repair industry.  

Nikki Ayers is just one of the women trailblazers who participates in this collaborationSince opening her first ASE-certified repair shop in 1979, Ayers Automotive Repairs, Nikki has devoted her profession to providing dependable, trustworthy auto repair services in her community. As acting Treasurer of the California Automotive Business Coalition, she has dedicated herself to expanding training access and apprentice programs that increase work opportunities for automotive technicians. 

“When I started, it was all men, and the only reason that I broke through was through learning the trade and continually proving my worth,” said Nikki. “To pay my lessons forward, Ive developed a passion for educating women on the breakdown process and mentoring female interns. Nikki continues, Compared to male technicians, I often find that women in the repair shop carry more empathy for the customer, so I’m excited to partner with Endurance to oferta educational resources to help female drivers feel more confident as car owners.” 

Amplifying voices like Nikkis and elevating automotive service as a vital trade is essential to attract diverse talent to the repair industry and continually strengthen consumer trust among female drivers and women of color.  

To learn more about how Endurance is Empowering Confidence for the Road Ahead, visit endurancewarranty.com. 

About Women’s Choice Awards

The Womens Choice Award was founded by Delia Passi, former Publisher of Working Mother magazine and responsible for the pinnacle success of the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers list. The award is a symbol of excellence in customer experience awarded by the collective voice of women. When you see the Seal, know that women in your community and across the nation have rated that business as a business they trust to give you the kind of respect, customer service, assistance and buying experience you expect and deserve. Learn more: womenschoiceaward.com 

About Endurance Vehicle Protection

Founded in 2006, Endurance Vehicle Protection is the nation’s premier provider of vehicle service contracts. Endurance has kept pace with driver’s needs for nearly two decades, offering award-winning service, the exclusive Elite Membership, and groundbreaking protection plans like EnduranceAdvantage, which offers unrivaled eligibility and maintenance benefits. Winner of the 2021 Womens Choice Award® and recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in America, Endurance protects thousands of drivers each day from the extremely high cost of auto repair bills.

Survey Methodology

The SHE Survey was conducted in January 2021 on behalf of Endurance by the Women’s Choice Award and included responses to 13 questions from 303 American female vehicle owners aged 18-60+. 


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