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End of an Era: The Dodge Viper Dies on August 31st

POR: Alex Perrone

Dodge Viper SRT

The end is nigh for an American sports car icon: The Dodge Viper will formerly end all production on August 31, 2017. The Conner Avenue Assembly where all Vipers have been assembled will be shut for good. Prior to this, designer Ralph Gilles let the date slip at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show prior this year.

The Viper was on Borrowed Time

However, this is the first time Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles has made the date official, as indicated by the source ClickOnDetroit.

While this isn’t precisely breaking news – FCA affirmed the August 31 memorial service for the Viper back in February. However, the automaker’s last recent notice provides a chilly dosage of reality to the unavoidable.

The Future

Dodge Viper SRT back

El Dodge Viper is set to be discontinued and that gives off an impression of there being no turning back. Fortunately as indicated by FCA representative Jodi Tinson, the Viper’s office maybe has a future place when if comes to the organization’s designs.

The extent of those plans have not been made readily available for reporting. Yet it’s consoling to know the production line will at have some life to it. Regardless of the possibility that the same can’t be said for the Viper. Such is life. All good things come to an end, it appears. The Viper had a decent 25-year run, not counting the two years it was retired from 2010 to 2012. Low sales may have added to the iconic car’s downfall. And yet its memory will stay in place long after the last model is conveyed off the factory lot. It’s been a terrific ride, Dodge Viper.


What made the Viper Special

The Dodge Viper and its 8.4-liter V-10 motor have been crafted by hand, the traditional way. It has been that way at the Connor office since it was first conceived in 1992. The present Viper group is made out of 87 remaining representatives. Another neat fact is the Plymouth Prowler was likewise assembled at the same plant amid its generation from 1999 to 2002. FCA says it foresees each worker will be offered work at another assembly plant.

The Connor assembly plant’s Detroit postal district has likewise made the Viper the main American sports car associated with “Motor City.” The Vado Mustang and chevrolet Camaro are manufactured somewhere else in Michigan, while Chevy Corvette now rises up out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. The Challenger isn’t as American as you’d accept, either — it’s mostly assembled in Canada. So is the Ford GT.

Goodbye to a Legend

The Viper has left a significant mark and looming shadow on the car business for as far back as 25 years. It has been long known for its untamed nature. The roadster and convertibles have constantly spoken to a sporty bit of American ingenuity. And they’ve gone up against the world the whole time.

The Connor factory will finish building Viper orders sourced through the One-of-One program. At least until the plant ceases operations entirely. Those looking for one final opportunity to claim a bit of history will then need to find their Dodge Viper through a dealership.

Dodge Viper SRT on a track

Thank you so much for the fond memories, Viper.

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