Auto Expert: Andrew Giorgi

Auto Expert Andrew Giorgi dressed in his mechanic coveralls with a tablet in his hand

U.S. Army Veteran & ASE Certified Shop Owner

Andrew has made educating the modern driver an ongoing mission since the opening of his repair shop in 2012. Andrew initially began working on vehicles when he was 11 years old with his father in South America and has since gained over 20 years of experience working on various types of vehicles. With more than two decades in the automotive industry, he continues to connect with drivers of all kinds by educating vehicle owners on essential car maintenance and best practices to keep their vehicles on the road longer. His repair shop, Midwest City Auto, recently launched its “Rewards of Honor” program, which provides free oil changes to teachers in his local community in honor of his mother.

Contact Andrew

Midwest City Auto

8916 Southeast 29th Street, Midwest City, OK
(405) 455-7791

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