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5 formas de proteger la pintura de su automóvil durante los meses de verano

POR: Keith Benline
Mechanic in a paint booth spraying the hood of car

Summer months can be brutal on your car’s paint. The sun, heat, and humidity can cause the paint to fade, crack, and peel. You must take some precautions to keep your car looking new and shiny throughout the summer. In this blog post, we will share five ways to protect your paint during summer.

From washing and waxing your car to avoiding scratches and chips, we have you covered with all the tips that will help prevent damage to your car’s exterior. We will also discuss how Endurance’s extended warranty can help protect your vehicle from unexpected repair costs.

5 Ways to Keep Your Car Paint Protected

When protecting your car’s paint during summer, following simple car care steps can go a long way. Let’s quickly look at five easy ways to keep your paint shining all summer.

1. Wash and Wax Your Car

Regularly washing and waxing your car is crucial in protecting your paint during the summer months. Washing your car frequently removes dirt, grime, and contaminants that can scratch the paint’s surface, while waxing creates a barrier against UV rays and other environmental factors. By choosing high-quality car wash soap and car wax specifically designed for use on cars, you can help ensure that your car’s paint remains shiny and lustrous throughout the summer season. Additionally, avoid washing your car in direct sunlight or when the surface is hot to prevent water spots that can damage the paint. Ensure to dry your car thoroughly after washing to prevent water from sitting on the surface and causing damage.

2. Park in the Shade

Finding a shady spot to park your car can effectively protect its paint from the scorching sun. Parking in a shaded area or using a car cover will shield your vehicle from the direct sun heat, which can cause fading and peeling of the vehicle’s paint. The UV rays can also damage your car’s interior, so it’s essential to park in a covered area or use a sunshade whenever possible.

3. Protect Your Car From Bird Droppings

Bird dropping can be a significant concern when protecting your car’s paint job. These droppings contain acids that can damage the paint if left unattended for too long. To prevent any harm, cleaning them off as soon as possible is essential. One way to avoid bird droppings is to park your car in a covered area, such as a parking garage or under a carport.

Regularly washing your car with an automotive pH-balanced soap can remove bird droppings and prevent further damage. Consider using a protective coating or wax to create a barrier between the paint and bird droppings. While these steps may seem minor, they can go a long way in keeping your car looking like new in the long run.

4. Avoid Scratches and Chips

Summer can be challenging for car paint due to increased UV exposure and more road debris. Scratches and chips are typical during the summer, but avoiding them is essential for maintaining your car’s appearance. A high-quality car wash mitt or microfiber towel can prevent scratches while washing your vehicle. Avoiding parking near trees or areas with heavy foot traffic can also reduce the risk of scratches from branches or people walking by. Additionally, a transparent paint protection film or ceramic coating can provide an added layer of protection against chips and scratches while ensuring your car looks great all summer.

5. Use a Sunshade

Protecting your car’s paint from fading and cracking due to UV rays is essential during summer. Using a sunshade can help prevent this, providing another protective layer while also keeping your car cooler. Reflective and insulated sunshades provide different benefits based on your needs. Reflective sunshades bounce sunlight and sun damage away from your vehicle, while insulated sunshades trap cool air inside to keep the temperatures down. Be sure to select a sunshade that fits your specific make and model of vehicle for optimal protection. Regular sunshades can shield your car’s paint from harsh summer weather conditions.

Common Summer Car Repairs

Summer is a time when most people take time out to travel and explore new places. However, summer vehicle repairs should be taken seriously to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer road trip. Summer heat, long road trips, and heavy use can take a toll on cars. Therefore, drivers should monitor a few common summer vehicle repairs that may crop up.

An important task to consider is checking the cooling system. Summer heat puts a heavy load on the engine’s cooling system, which can lead to overheating, causing damage to the engine. Another crucial task is checking the tires. Heat generates pressure inside tires to build up and tires to unravel due to wear and tear. Brakes must also be in excellent working condition to ensure quick and steady stopping.

Proper maintenance and repair are crucial for having a trouble-free summer journey. Get your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic before embarking on long road trips. Drivers can stay confident and safe on their summer road trips by taking care of these summer car repairs.

Keeping Your Car Protected With an Endurance Extended Warranty

While you can easily protect your car’s paint at home with items you can buy at your local auto store, you will need to ensure you are protecting your entire vehicle from other damages. As cars age, unexpected breakdowns become more common, raising the cost of ownership for many vehicle owners whose factory warranties have expired. By purchasing an garantía extendida from Endurance, you can get coverage for unexpected repairs after your factory warranty has lapsed.

With many different coverage levels, Endurance allows you to choose the best plan for your coverage needs and budget. Each plan from Endurance will come with one free year of Beneficios de élite for a small activation fee. These benefits include great perks such as reimbursements for up to two tires per year due to road hazards, 24/7 roadside assistance, and up to $1,000 in total loss protection, just to name a few of the benefits.

To learn more about how Endurance can protect your vehicle and save you time and money, contact our award-winning customer service team at (800) 253-8203 o tienda en linea hoy.

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