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Are Electric Cars or EVs Unreliable?

POR: Andrew Giorgi
Mother charging her electric car parked next to the charging station while holding her baby

Over the past few years, electric cars (EVs) have risen in popularity due to the reduced cost associated with buying them. Naturally, as the technology improves, this price will continue to drop – and more consumers will have access to these unique vehicles.

The number of electric vehicles on the road is already well above 15 million and climbing fast, with sales doubling in a single year alone, going to show just how popular this type of vehicle is.

However, while electric cars offered by automakers are unique and exciting, the question of their reliability has been brought up. News headlines have covered breakdowns of electric vehicles from kia, BMW, Toyota, Vado, and other manufacturers have suffered, which has led consumers to think twice before purchasing.

Covering the basics of electric cars and the potential problems that may occur under the hood of these vehicles will help any driver determine if an electric motor vehicle is right for them.

Do Electric Cars Have Problems?

First and foremost, many people considering purchasing an electric vehicle may be put off by consumer reports claiming that their EV had many problems shortly after buying. News that Tesla recalled 362,000 vehicles over a software glitch that could lead to accidents will surely cause any potential buyer to pause.

From a conceptual standpoint, EVs should have fewer issues than standard gas cars because they have fewer mechanical parts. However, from a rankings standpoint, in a study conducted by Consumer Reports that took over 300,000 vehicles into consideration with model years ranging from 2020-2022, electric cars were found to be the most desired yet the least reliable.

Some common reported problems included:

  • Software malfunctions
  • Electrical issues
  • Defective navigation system
  • Engine issues
  • Poor acceleration

However, it’s important to remember that electric vehicles are made with new technology and are on the cutting edge. It’s to be expected that there will be some unreliability. Remember that electric vehicles have all been tested and deemed safe on the road, so just because there are occasional problems doesn’t mean they will happen to you.

Pros of Purchasing an Electric Car

As with all vehicles, there are a number of benefits to consider when determining whether a plug-in hybrid or fully electric car is suitable for you:

  • Money will be saved by avoiding gas purchases
  • EVs don’t have the same mechanical issues associated with an internal combustion engine
  • Some EVs are eligible for auto protection plan contracts
  • Depending on the model you purchase, the reliability score could be higher than expected
  • The range the vehicle drives before needing to recharge could be more than a standard gas engine

Cons of Purchasing an Electric Car

However, despite all of the above benefits, there are some crucial drawbacks that all people need to keep in mind before purchasing an EV:

  • Currently, the cost of electric vehicles, on average, is higher than the cost of a gas vehicle
  • Overall, the terms of reliability for EVs are ranked lower than those for gas vehicles
  • Fewer car brands offer electric vehicles at the current moment
  • Unreliable vehicles can lead to repair costs in the future, which tend to be more expensive for electric vehicles

When considering whether or not purchasing an electric car is right for you, it’s essential to weigh all of the above pros and cons prior to making your decision. Evaluate factors such as the price point you are comfortable with and the brand you are buying the car from. After all, if the vehicle you’re considering is a company’s first electric vehicle, there may be reliability issues in the future.

Are EV or Hybrid Brands More Reliable Than Others?

When choosing between the different brands that make electric vehicles, a potential buyer will often evaluate whether that specific brand is more reliable than others. However, even accredited brands like Lexus and Mazda can make below-average electric vehicles if they experiment with new technology.

To determine whether or not the vehicle brand you are considering is more reliable than other brands, ask yourself some of the following questions:

  1. Is the brand you’re considering purchasing from trending with average reliability, or are they an established brand with a high level of reliability?
  2. Are the battery packs used by the electric vehicle brand accredited or from a new seller?
  3. What is the reliability score for the brand you are considering purchasing the vehicle from, compared to the reliability score for other possible brands
  4. Are you purchasing from a luxury seller such as Porsche or Jaguar for the name only instead of purchasing for the vehicle?

Answering the above questions will help you determine whether the vehicle you’re considering from a specific brand is more reliable than others.

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