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What Is an Engine Mount?

POR: Nikki Ayers
A car mechanic replacing an engine mount.

Many drivers are unfamiliar with the inner workings of their vehicles, including the various belts, brackets, and hoses that make a car run. The average internal combustion engine typically found in cars, trucks, and SUVs can have upwards of 200 parts alone. However, just because you may not know what every component is doesn’t mean they aren’t vital.

One component you may be unaware of or don’t know a lot about is the engine mount. Stay informed about your vehicle’s parts – to keep it running safely for years to come.

What Is an Engine Mount?

An engine mount (also referred to as a motor mount) is a component within a vehicle that allows for the engine to be bolted onto the chassis. Simply put, engine mounts secure the engine to the body of your car. Without these mounts, your engine would be at risk of destroying itself from the excessive vibrations created when the engine is in use.

Engine mounts work to stabilize the engine by using 2 metal plates, with one being bolted to both the engine itself and the other on the car’s frame. These plates are then connected at the center by rubber, or a liquid-filled bladder, which helps absorb any excess engine vibrations that would otherwise damage your vehicle. Transmission mounts use this same concept to help protect your transmisión from the same types of damages. However, the type of mounts you have will depend on your vehicle’s make/model.

If you are unsure of the type of engine mounts your car has or the materials they are made out of, your el manual del propietario can help you.

What Are Symptoms of a Bad Engine Mount?

Engine mounts are a non-serviceable part, meaning that they are not included in your vehicle’s programa de mantenimiento recomendado. Instead, engine mounts will tend to fail due to old age, deterioration from exposure to elements, or damage from harmful chemicals found inside your engine.

To check and see if your engine mounts may be failing, be on the lookout for physical signs such as:

  • Broken Brackets
  • Broken Belts and/or Hoses
  • Damaged or Missing Bolts
  • Cracking or Torn Rubber
  • An Irregular Engine Position or Drooping to Either Side
  • Damage to Other Components Near Engine (Indicating Engine Movement)

An engine mount that is starting to fail or has already failed will also be quite noticeable when driven. As it is designed to keep the engine secure, some common symptoms of a bad engine mount to look out for when driving include:

  • Excessive Vibrations
  • from Engine Bay
  • Jerking When Shifting Gears
  • Abnormal Sounds Coming from the Engine Bay

When engine mounts become worn or damaged, they can crack, deteriorate, stretch, or completely fall apart. Diagnosing a bad engine mount should only be done by professionals at a instalación de reparación certificada or by an Certificado ASE technician as most engine mounts are not viewable from the engine bay and must be removed to inspect them correctly.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Engine Mount?

Replacing an engine mount can vary in cost due to the complexity of some engines. For example, owners of a Ford F150 can expect to pay about $705 – $852 for an engine mount replacement. This will include about $562 – $709 in labor costs, while the average cost of a replacement engine mount will be about $143. Conversely, replacing an engine mount on a Jeep Wrangler will cost drivers $276 – $302, with $101 – $127 in labor and $175 for the mount itself.

This cost can increase if you choose to go with an aftermarket or performance engine mount. These engine mounts are usually made from urethane to absorb more vibration and provide a more secure mount for higher-horsepower engines.

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