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Extended Vehicle Warranty- Easy to Use and Saves You Money

POR: Alex Perrone

I’m sure that you all know what an extended vehicle warranty is, but do you know how they work? Here at Endurance, we know what the theory of quantum mechanics is, but it doesn’t mean we know how it works. The difference between knowing what something is and how it works can mean all the difference.

While using an extended vehicle warranty may seem like a simple process, it’s because it really is. But it depends on who you’re dealing with. Find out how it works here.

The reason we say that using an extended vehicle warranty is simple but only depending on who you’re dealing with is because we can only speak of how simple our process is.  Some companies make customers pay upfront for repairs and use a lengthy payback process. We’re not here to bad-mouth any other company because we are not customers of that company and it would be unfair to do so. However, be sure that you’re aware of how any other company’s extended vehicle warranty works before buying.

How an Extended Vehicle Warranty Works in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Your Car Needs Repairs

Obviously, you wouldn’t need to file a claim using your extended vehicle warranty if your car was fully working. Once you’ve become aware of necessary repairs, you’re ready to take your car in.

Step 2: Take your Vehicle in

With Endurance, we don’t limit you to a specified mechanic or a single location dealership. We allow you to choose any certified mechanic throughout the United States. This means if you’re on the road or if you ever decide to switch it up, you can!

Step 3: Hand Over your Card

All of our Endurance customers are given a specific membership card. When you take your vehicle in to the shop, all you need to do is hand over your card. We take care of the rest.

Step 4: Pay your Deductible

When your repairs are complete and you are ready to pick up your vehicle, all you have left to do is pay your deductible. When you sign up for your contract, you choose your deductible, which can range between $0, $50, or $100. Not bad when your average car repair bill is over $800!

Step 5: Return to the Road

There is nothing left for you to do but return to the road and enjoy life as a worry-free driver.

Now you know how easy it is to use an extended vehicle warranty, there is still one thing that we need to clear up: there is no such thing as an extended vehicle warranty. We know, it sounds strange, but they are actually called contratos de servicio de vehículos and work the same way as we just described above.

Don’t wait until your car is in the shop and you’re staring at an ungodly repair bill. Call us today for your free quote and get more information on finding the perfect vehicle service contract for you!

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