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Jeep Extended Warranty: Protecting Your New or Used Jeep with Auto Coverage

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Jeep challenges you to “Go Anywhere. Do Anything.” And that’s what has made the Jeep brand so enduring for years.

Once built to help serve the efforts in World War II, you now see Jeeps being driven by everyone from those who fancy themselves as off-road explorers to those looking for a reliable and safe car to get them from point A to point B, all the way to those parents just dropping the kids off to soccer practice.

Whether you want to keep your Jeep driving on an asphalt road or if you prefer the mud and dirt, all Jeep drivers have a vested interest in making sure their car works and performs precisely how Jeep initially intended.

Jeep has seen fit to provide a reliable manufacturer’s warranty, but what happens when those terms are over? If you want to keep going anywhere and doing anything, you’ll need a Jeep extended warranty once your original coverage has expired.

Find out your options to protect your Jeep and what your vehicle can qualify for below.

Jeep’s Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage

At Endurance, we provide vehicle service contracts, commonly referred to as extended auto warranties.

These protection plans are meant to help match and continue the protection that Fiat-Chrysler offered to their Jeep vehicles. They have a basic limited plan, but they even provide a hefty powertrain plan. Given the general nature of Jeep vehicles and their usage, of course, Jeep offers an option for corrosion protection.

However, Jeep is far less concerned with protecting their vehicles over time, so much as providing a guarantee to cover any and all factory flaws. But these are rare to occur in the first few years of ownership, and when that manufacturer’s warranty expires, it means that any future repairs will not be covered by Jeep.

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All this being said, Jeep does provide its vehicles’ powertrain system with one of the longest factory coverages in the U.S. auto industry.

But the powertrain coverage only protects the vehicle’s major components such as the engine, transmission, and drive train.

Endurance looked at Jeep’s manufacturer’s warranty and used it as the framework to create an extended protection plan for Jeep owners that can directly pick up where the original factory warranty left off. And without Jeep’s original warranty, you will be paying out of pocket for the costs of any repair needed.

Here are the Jeep Models Covered by the Jeep Extended Warranty:

Grand Cherokee Compass Wrangler
Patriot Liberty Cherokee

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Jeep Factory Warranty and Jeep Extended Warranties

Jeep coverage plans begin with a “Basic Limited Warranty” that covers your Jeep for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Note that only new Jeeps are covered under this plan. It begins when you purchase a new Jeep, and during its terms, it will cover any manufacturer’s errors or defects.

This includes the parts, labor, and any other shop fees that may be associated with a repair. And in the event of a breakdown in the first 3-years or 36,000 miles, you still get access to Jeep’s roadside assistance that allows towing to your nearest Jeep dealership or affiliated service center.

Note that none of Jeep’s coverage options will provide coverage for expected wear & tear items. Any parts or accessories used to customize your Jeep vehicle will also not be covered under the Jeep warranty. MOPAR -which combines “Motor” and “Parts”- refers to Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s parts, service, and customer care organization.

A Jeep Warranty From MOPAR Can Include Coverage For:

  • Batteries
  • Alternators
  • Collision parts
  • Water pumps
  • Catalytic converters
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Diesel parts
  • Performance parts
  • Powertrains
  • Shocks/struts
  • Mufflers
  • Starters
  • Brake pads/shoes

While these coverage plans cover wear and tear items, any such items are only covered during the first 12 months or 12,000 miles of ownership of a new vehicle, whichever comes first.

New Jeep owners can purchase the Jeep Powertrain Limited Warranty, which covers you for an additional 5 years and/or 60,000 miles. In these 5 years the cost of all parts, labor, and service fees associated with the repair or replacement of your engine, transmission, axle, and transaxle parts for FWD, AWD, RWD, and 4×4 vehicles are covered.

What Isn’t Covered by Jeep’s Factory Powertrain Warranty?

  • Oil
  • Cleaning Fluids, Coolant, Brake Pads, Wiper Blades, Tires, or Clutch Linings
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Filters, Sparkplugs, and Bulbs
  • Engine Tune-Ups

Through Jeep and Fiat-Chrysler of America, there is an anti-corrosion warranty for all the vehicle’s exterior and interior panels. This is unique to Jeep because the cars have a reputation for toughness and the ability to drive on and off-road in any environment and climate.

While we have not read any reviews about this Jeep anti-corrosion warranty, we can’t say for sure if the cost of it is genuinely worth it. However, it might be useful if you live in coastal states where high salt levels in the air occur or a state with heavy snowfall damaging salt and deicers to clear the roads.

Lastly, when purchasing a new Jeep, the final option for warranty coverage is their Federal Emissions Warranty.

This covers any part of the emissions system for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first. This is only purchasable if you are still under the 3-year basic limited warranty, which means certified pre-owned Jeeps cannot be covered under this coverage plan.

Jeep Emissions Warranty Parts Included for Coverage:

  • Air System Controls
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Fuel Cap, Fuel Pump, and Fuel Lines
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Oxygen Sensors
  • Sparkplugs
  • Throttle and Transmission Control

What Are the Limits of the Jeep Extended Car Warranty?

There are a few ways that Jeep warranties have a disadvantage to a third-party provider, like Endurance. One is that, like most automakers, they only allow owners to only ever bring their cars to authorized Jeep dealerships or affiliated service centers.

And once you’re there, they again limit you to using only branded OEM parts which come at a premium price, especially if your warranty is up.

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As we stated before, Jeep is less concerned with anything that could go wrong with your vehicle over time. They are only invested in ensuring you are satisfied with the quality of their cars during the first few years of owning one. Think of the Jeep warranty less as coverage and protection and more as a guarantee in their cars.

Here is What Can Void a Jeep Warranty:

  • Using non-Chrysler parts
  • Using non-Chrysler additives or materials
  • Installing accessories except those installed by a dealer
  • Rustproofing or protection products
  • Using non-Chrysler-approved refrigerant
  • Some modifications to your Jeep aren’t covered but will void your warranty.
  • Tampering with or changing the odometer, unless your repair technician follows the legal requirements for repairing or replacing odometers
  • Attaching any device that disconnects the odometer

Some of these stipulations are practical, and most drivers would agree that they are implemented to deter fraud.

And even an independent provider would void your warranty if it was found that you did something like tampering with the odometer or performing an engine swap.

Many things can affect your Jeep and the components inside over time. You may drive through inclement weather, rougher terrain than usual, or even experience some road hazards.

You may be driving through areas that force you to push your vehicle’s performance.

Using your car increases the risk of certain car parts wearing out sooner. While Jeep assures that they build machines for performance and durability, they aren’t necessarily in the business of paying for repairs once your car has broken down outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.

And most people know that when that factory warranty coverage has expired, that is when the majority of high-ticket repairs begin to appear.

Do You Know Your Jeep Warranty Expiration Date?


If you are a Jeep owner and plan to keep your car longer than 3-5 years, you will want a safety net that pays for your repairs after your warranty expires. But when exactly does your warranty expire, and what options do you have outside of using Jeep for limited coverage?

While Jeep and MOPAR’s factory-provided warranty will likely cover minor repairs and expenses in the early years of ownership, when it comes time for serious work on your car to be done, you’re left paying out of pocket for these costly repairs.

When Does Your Jeep Warranty Expire?

If you are unsure if your Jeep warranty has expired or is about to expire, check the table below for assistance. Just replace the date January 1 with when you purchased your Jeep, and you can see if your Jeep manufacturer’s warranty has expired or when it eventually will.

Year Jeep Purchased:                            Warranty Expiration Date:

January 1, 2018 January 1, 2023 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2017 January 1, 2022 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2016 January 1, 2021 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2015 January 1, 2020 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2014 January 1, 2019 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2013 January 1, 2018 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2012 January 1, 2017 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2011 January 1, 2016 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2010 January 1, 2015 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2009 January 1, 2014 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2008 January 1, 2013 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2007 January 1, 2012 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2006 January 1, 2011 or 100,000-miles
January 1, 2005 January 1, 2010 or 100,000-miles

free quote for coverageSignificant repairs even on a Jeep tend to occur when jeeps go past the 50,000-mile mark. This is common for most manufacturers, such as American auto giants like Chevrolet and Ford. And it’s no coincidence that these repairs spring up right when Jeep’s warranty terms begin to end.

If you were to do a little research on a repair estimate site like RepairPal.com or Edmunds.com, Jeeps tend to be serviced and diagnosed more often after that mileage mark. And that means you will incur those hefty bills just to get things repaired and replaced that were previously covered by your vehicle’s Jeep factory warranty.

Jeeps are built to last, but every car manufactured will eventually decrease its dependability over time.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Jeep without Warranty Coverage?

As of 2018, Jeep branded vehicles from FCA only rank 20th out of 27 brands in 2018 car reliability rankings, according to Informes de los consumidores and Cars.com. There is no denying that owning and driving a Jeep is a treat, and they are some of the best-reviewed vehicles in their class concerning drivability.

However, over time all Jeep owners will experience problems that weren’t there while under Jeep’s original warranty when they purchased their vehicle from the dealership.

Here’s An Example Estimate from RepairPal for a Jeep Grand Cherokee (Updated July 2018)

Head Gasket $679–$788
Lower Ball Joint $392–$398
Heater Core $646–$654
Water Pump $271–$392
Ball Joint Replacement-Upper $450–$978
Starter Replacement $257–$364

Most Jeep owners are more concerned about protecting their car’s powertrain components, the parts of the car that allow it to move and drive.

These are the most expensive components to repair, including the engine, transmission, and radiator.

Repairs and replacements for those components will be even more expensive than the parts we listed above and, in most cases, will result in a repair bill totaling thousands of dollars. This is where an Endurance vehicle service contract can help!


Want to Save THOUSANDS on Auto Repairs? Get Endurance!

How Much Should a Jeep Extended Warranty Cost?

Third-party providers, like Endurance, can match the original protection Jeep placed on your vehicle and offer an array of additional benefits.

Many Jeep dealerships will try to sell you an extended warranty when you purchase your vehicle. Be aware that this warranty they sell isn’t from Jeep, FCA, or MOPAR.

They are selling you a contract from another company, a third-party provider that the dealership has a working relationship with.

In addition to forcing you to use their dealership service center for any repair performed, they will mark up the price of the coverage plan to ensure that the dealership is profiting off the sale of the plan in addition to the contract provider.

The cost of coverage also gets rolled into your car payments, which might be enticing to some drivers by not having to have an additional bill to pay every month.

But when this additional amount is added to your car payment, it means you are actually paying interest for a higher amount than you may have additionally planned due to this added cost raising the amount of the principal amount of your loan.

If you go with a direct provider, you may be billed separately, but you will also be billed less. A little effort saves you in the long run, which is something that all Jeep owners should prefer.

Coverage Before The Jeep Factory Warranty Expires: A great way to keep the cost of extended coverage down is to look into buying coverage while Jeep, FCA, and MOPAR are still guaranteeing the life of your car.

This tells the third-party company that your vehicle is likely to be free of pre-existing conditions and has not yet had to undergo significant repairs and replacements. They will be more comfortable protecting close to every important part of your car and giving you protection for longer.

Can I Get a Jeep Extended Warranty on a Used or Pre-Owned Jeep?


Endurance has had over twelve years in the industry, and we’ve protected countless Jeeps. We know Jeep owners tend to be adventurous and outgoing types, and several of us at Endurance is Jeep drivers ourselves. And we also know that no Jeep owner will settle for maintaining and protecting their cars.

Jeep, FCA, and MOPAR coverages are industry leaders, so it was no easy task for any third-party provider to match. That’s why Endurance worked to put together vehicle service contracts that offer Jeep owners that work in place of their factory coverage.

And drivers who choose a direct provider, like Endurance, will note that these coverage plans have far fewer restrictions.

Jeep owners take an enormous amount of pride in their vehicles. And in some cases, they would consider themselves a breed of their own. That’s why vehicle services for their vehicles should work the same way.

Endurance can provide you with payment plans and coverage options that are completely customizable for your driving needs.

Jeep Owners with Endurance will have the following benefits, in addition to their chosen level of extended warranty coverage:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Your choice of repair shop
  • Claims paid to the repair shop
  • Fully transferable plans
  • A 30-Day/1,000 mile Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.
  • Service from a Reputable Provider with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance that includes towing, rental car, trip interruption, and more.

Call us today to continue worry-free driving as you go anywhere and do anything in your Jeep!

FAQs: Jeep Extended Warranty

  • Is it worth buying an extended warranty for my Jeep?

As mentioned above, Jeep focuses more on providing a guarantee cover over factory flaws versus repairs that pop up over time.

If you have an older model and are worried about extreme out-of-pocket expenses, then an extended warranty is for you. Endurance offers four different coverage plans, with the Supreme Plan covering everything from AC to turbo and supercharger and the Select Premiere eliminating coverage on power items like brakes, gaskets, and steering.

  • What repairs are covered by an extended warranty?

Depending on your coverage plan, extended warranties can cover everything from the engine, fuel, transmission, cooling systems, electrical, and more. Endurance has an option that is suitable for everyone and provides payment plans if needed. Check out each plan we offer, including sample contracts with full details.

  • What’s the difference between an extended warranty from Jeep compared to Endurance?

Aside from being the direct administrator and obligor of most plans we offer, we launched our Endurance Elite Membership which offers total protection to our customers.

Our program provides 24/7 Roadside assistance and up to $5,000 in repair loans that can be paid in easy payment installments.

You can also stay up-to-date with your plan on our Endurance Protect App, which allows for easy access to your account.

  • Can my Jeep vehicle be serviced anywhere?

Endurance provides well-rounded coverage for new and used vehicles, allowing you to take your car to any certified mechanic. In order to remain covered under Jeep’s warranty agreement, they must go to a Jeep-approved dealership which limits the customer from receiving service anywhere.

  • How do I get a quote for an extended car warranty?

You can request a quote at the Endurance homepage by easily filling out your vehicle information, phone number, and email to get a free quote in as quick as minutes!



If you want to know more about Jeep or your specific Jeep vehicle and history, please visit any of the sites below.

Jeep drivers can go anywhere and do anything, but they should never have to wait for anything to go wrong with their cars. Jeeps are built tough and prepared for whatever lies ahead, and so should their drivers.

Jeep drivers need to know what typical breakdowns and repairs they’ll experience from behind the wheel, especially once Jeep’s MOPAR coverage ends. Visit the sites below to find important automotive recalls, notices, and important information regarding your Jeep.

Jeep Company Website: Jeep.com

Jeep Company Phone Number: 1-877-426-5337

General Recalls, Problems, and Defects: NHTSA.gov/Recalls

Jeep Owner Reviews: ConsumerReports.org/cars/jeep

Jeep Recalls Search: MOPAR.com/Recalls/Search

MOPAR Warranty Lookup: MOPAR.com/lookup

Edmunds Jeep: www.edmunds.com/jeep

Consumer Reports: www.consumerreports.org/car-reliability/car-brands-reliability-how-they-stack-up/

RepairPal: www.repairpal.com/estimator/jeep/cherokee

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