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The Lagonda Vision Concept Might Just be the Future of Cars

POR: Alex Perrone

lagonda vision concept

In the 1970s, William Towns designed the Aston Martin Lagonda. At the time it wasn’t really considered much to look at. In the interest of sounding a tad nicer, most in the press referred to it as “striking” as opposed to more negative descriptions such as “hideous.” Regardless of where someone’s opinion in the 70s lied, the Lagonda is still one of the most memorable cars from that era. It even went on to develop a bit of a cult following.  It’s absolutely one of the most interesting 70s cars. And now it’s back.

Lagonda’s Vision of the Future: Inside the Lagonda Vision

Lagonda is currently a major electric luxury brand. And it’s apparently entering a whole new phase in its life. Now in the role William Townes had in the 70s, designer Marek Reichmann has also followed the tradition of creating an unorthodox-looking car. Many argued that the 70s Lagonda was ahead of its time. And to be fair, the new Lagonda might also be a marker of what cars look like in the future. However, for now the new Lagonda just looks like a bizarre fever dream of a car. Although, as the saying goes: it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The Lagonda Concept brings the car into our electrified and self-driving future. This would be a future where electric propulsion and autonomous driving capabilities are the norm and the traditional three box design is gone.

For the sake of Lagonda’s concept, a notable feature is that every batteries is held in the floor. Meanwhile above that is a an interior that screams “luxury.” That’s what Lagonda specializes in, after all. There’s no denying how unique the Lagonda Vision concept is inside and out. For instance, instead of following the typical roughness of automotive interior design, Lagonda sought the help of English furniture designer David Linley and Saville Row tailor Henry Poole for the interior. While they did make use of many materials used normally in automotive interior work they also made sure to bring in stuff like cashmere, silk, and others luxury items. The interior is really full of space and room. When you fold the steering wheels and pedals it’s almost like a mobile loft.

Lagonda’s Innovation

lagonda vision rear

Lagonda told the press that their future cars are going to come equipped with unique solid state batteries on board. They also promise to push for it to have a range of 400 miles on a full charge. The Vision concept is not quite the car the promise they hope to have on the streets, it is a nice little preview of what they hope to accomplish. Lagonda is really upfront with where their ambitions and goals are aimed towards. They are promising cars that are full of large and luxurious interior spaces. The also promise to marry that with innovative and creative automotive and technological engineering. Perhaps like the Lagondas of the 70s, the Lagondas of the 2010s and 2020s will also be ahead of their time.

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