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5 Things to Consider Before Making Aftermarket Modifications on Your Car

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aftermarket car modifications

Making aftermarket modifications to your vehicle is very tempting. Changes to your vehicle are great and offer unique looks or better performance than the original version, so it makes sense that drivers like yourself want to get them for their car.

However, it’s a good idea to check whether aftermarket modifications are accepted by your extended auto warranty provider, as not all changes are.

Modifications that may be covered

There are a few standard modifications that may be covered by an extended auto warranty plan. Endurance covers a few but always checks with your sales representative to ensure that any current or planned modifications will be covered.

For example, Endurance covers these types of popular modifications:

  1. Lift kits – Endurance does offer contracts that cover cars that have gotten a lift kit. Some of the plans may do a surcharge, depending on how big the lift is. A typical lift kit gives up to 4 inches on lift or 4% on the tire bearings. A customer service rep can review the size with you and ensure it will work with the vehicle service contract.
  2. Tire size changes – some people prefer a larger tire or thinner tire because of the specific look they’re after for their vehicle. If you’re considering specialty tires, check to make sure the size you want will be covered.

What to consider before making a modification

If you’re still gung-ho about making aftermarket modifications, there are a few things auto experts think you should consider.

  1. Future Costs – Purchasing a car requires thousands of dollars, so adding any additional modifications down the line can cost even more money. For example, engine-modifications can need you to use premium gas only, which costs more money and can add up very quickly.
  2. The downside to tire modifications – If you modify your car to have bigger wheels and skinner tires to get a specific look, this will impact your ride quality. The ride won’t be as smooth as it could be. You will feel more bumps and traction when you drive with this modification.
  3. Performance modification order – There are many different performance modifications, but some are more relevant than others. Getting a cold-air intake system put in, for example, looks great. But without adding a performance aftermarket exhaust system, it’s merely a cosmetic change – it does not impact performance at all. Go to a reputable shop to ensure you get exactly what you want.
  4. Usage – Consider why you want the modification, and how it will affect performance. If you know you will be driving long distances, you may not want a tire modification to impact the ride quality.
  5. Design of the car – Your car may not handle certain modifications well. For example, adding larger wheels may put stress on the suspension, leading to problems adjusting the alignment. The vehicle would wear out faster.
  6. Replacements – Are you getting a modification that will need regular updates to stay current and useful? Consider that when pricing out your modification. You should budget for every step when planning.

Overall, everyone should enjoy their vehicle to the fullest extent. If that includes modifications, it’s completely fine. But it’s good to be cautious and smart before making any significant changes to your car.

Looking for an extended warranty plan?

With an Endurance extended warranty, you gain peace of mind by knowing you’re protected with the most comprehensive packages in the market. To learn more about Endurance warranty benefits, visit the Learning Center for more articles.

If you don’t have auto protection from Endurance, now is the time to prepare for the unexpected. You can request a no-obligation quote or call 1-866-918-1438 to hear about minimal down payments and deferred payment options. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to car maintenance, and we’re here to help.

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