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Mechanic Marvels: Inside the Life of a Modern Auto Technician

POR: Amanda Walter
Mechanic Keith Benline standing in a garage

In the dynamic world of automotive repair, the role of a mechanic is constantly evolving. Keith Benline, a seasoned auto expert partnering with Endurance, shares his insights and experiences. Keith sheds light on the challenges and innovations that define work for today’s automotive technicians.

The Road to Automotive Repair

Keith Benline’s journey in the auto repair industry began in his childhood under the guidance of his father, a talented fixer and builder. He recounts, “It started for me at about age 7 holding wrenches for my dad… I was the middle of three sons who took a liking to it.”

This early passion for cars, especially Hondas, set the stage for his career. Despite a venture into finance, his love for automobiles brought him back to his roots, leading to the ownership of his first shop in 2003.

The technological evolution in auto repair has been a game-changer. Keith vividly remembers, “back in 2004 when all of a sudden you couldn’t change a battery on a BMW without reprogramming the computer.”

This marked a significant shift towards a technology-centric approach in auto repairs. The complexity of modern vehicles, with their software-controlled components and advanced safety systems, requires mechanics to have both technical knowledge and access to sophisticated diagnostic tools.

Modern-Day Challenges Facing Mechanics

Keith faces various challenges in his daily work at his auto repair shop. Part failures are a common issue, requiring continuous learning about reliable components. He also navigates the intricacies of customer education, especially in cases where problems are elusive or misunderstood. Keith emphasizes the importance of tracking and learning from these experiences to enhance service quality.

Recalling one of his most memorable challenges, Keith describes working on a 2001 Mercedes with a mysterious misfire issue. He shares, “The vehicle had 100,000 miles, and spark plugs were due, so we started there, but it didn’t fix it… it was the Crankshaft Position sensor that’s what fixed the car.” This experience highlights the importance of perseverance and thinking outside the box in automotive diagnostics.

Keith stresses the importance of a diverse skill set for those aspiring to become auto technicians. “Today’s modern auto technician needs to have computer skills… Understanding the different electronic parts that have to communicate with each other and why,” he explains. The rise of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) further broadens the scope of necessary skills.

The advent of electric vehicles has brought new challenges and learning curves. Keith points out the impact of EVs on traditional maintenance tasks and customer interactions. He notes, “No oil changes or basic maintenance service… It’s mostly only going to be when the vehicle breaks.” This shift necessitates a deeper focus on specific EV-related issues and a more nuanced approach to customer service.

Customer Satisfaction in Automotive Repair

Auto technician Keith Benline talking to a customer and her daughterCommunication and managing customer expectations are fundamental aspects of Keith’s role. He believes in the power of clear and confident communication to build trust, especially when handling complex technical issues. Keith’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in his approach to treating customers like family, ensuring a positive experience – even in challenging situations.

Safety is also important in Keith’s repair shop. Regular safety meetings, careful consideration of each vehicle’s condition, and recognition of the different skills of technicians are the core of his shop’s safety practices. “We remind everyone of the basics of safety and the importance of not taking things for granted,” Keith says, underscoring the significance of a safe working environment.

Despite the challenges, Keith finds satisfaction in caring for both his employees and customers. He says, “It’s not fun informing someone they have to spend a certain amount of money fixing a car… But someone has to repair the vehicle.” The positive feedback and strong relationships he builds make the demanding aspects of a repair facility worthwhile.

Looking into the Future of Auto Repair

Keith sees the automotive repair industry adapting to the growing use of EVs and advanced technologies. He advises young automotive technicians to learn about Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and vehicle diagnostics, skills that will be in high demand in the future.

Keith’s story and insights into the life of a modern auto technician reveal a profession that is not just about fixing cars – it’s also about embracing technology, solving problems, and maintaining strong relationships. It emphasizes the importance of preparing for the unexpected and ensuring your vehicle receives the best care.

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