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Summer Car Care Tips Covered by Your Extended Warranty

POR: Michael O'Connor
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The summer months are a fantastic time to take your car and hit the road for day trips and longer vacations. Before you set out on your summer trip, though, it is important to make sure that your vehicle is in great shape and that you can be certain it will get you where you are going. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a breakdown on the side of the road, and doing some basic car maintenance or checks can help prevent interruptions in your summer fun. By knowing what should be looked at and serviced for summer, you can be ready to hit the highway.

While it is important to get the repairs and services your vehicle needs, it can also be expensive. If you have an extended warranty, though, you might be surprised at what will be covered. Extended coverage can help you pay for all kinds of repairs and give you the help you need if something should go wrong with your vehicle on your road trip.

With a good understanding of some of the best summer car maintenance tips and how they might be covered by your extended car warranty, you can head out on your vacation with confidence.

Inspect Your Air Conditioning System

If you want to be comfortable on your summer road trip, you need to be sure that your air conditioning system is in great condition. A failed air conditioner can seriously dampen your trip and even present a safety hazard, especially if you are going to be driving in hot climates like the desert. Before you get your summer vacation started, it is a good idea to assess your car’s air conditioner and check for things like warm air coming out of the vents or strange noises and odors.

If you notice any abnormalities with your air conditioning system, extended coverage from Endurance Warranty could help you get them repaired. Endurance vehicle protection plans cover AC components like compressors and condensers, as well as other important parts of the air conditioning system. By having the system inspected and repaired by a professional, you can rest easy knowing that your car will be comfortable all summer long.

Check Battery Performance

Your vehicle’s battery is the core of the electrical system, and a problem with it can lead to breakdowns or performance issues that can ruin your road trip. Plus, temperature fluctuations can negatively impact the battery’s capacity, especially if it is older. Doing a car battery voltage check and getting a replacement if needed will ensure that you can start your car when you need to and that you won’t have any performance issues in the summer heat.

With an extended warranty, you can get diagnostic checks and voltage tests for your battery so you can drive with confidence. Endurance’s Advantage plan offers vehicle maintenance and inspection coverage that will help you know whether or not your battery needs to be replaced. Battery-related breakdowns can be difficult to fix out on the highway, so it is always best to know the status of your battery before heading out on an extended trip.

Keeping Fluids in Check

Fluids are the lifeblood of your vehicle, and if they are low or old, they can cause performance problems and expensive breakdowns. Before taking off on a long trip, it is a good idea to check the fluids and either change them or top them up so you can avoid a temporary breakdown or more long-term problems. Engine oil, coolant, fluido de transmisión, and brake fluid should be checked to look for things like low levels or air bubbles and be replaced if needed.

If you want a professional to look at your vehicle’s fluids, it is a good idea to take it to an Mecánico certificado ASE. Certified mechanics have a deep knowledge of automotive maintenance and service and will make sure that your car is road-worthy before letting you head out on a long journey. With an extended car warranty that includes maintenance coverage, you can take your car to the certified shop of your choice and get the all-clear for your trip.

Tire Maintenance and Alignment

Good tire maintenance is a cornerstone of automotive safety, and you want to be sure that your tires are in good condition and have the proper tire pressure whenever you are driving. Tire maintenance, however, is even more important for long trips when you will be spending a lot of time at high speeds on the highway. Blowouts and flats can be incredibly dangerous, and you want to be sure that you and your passengers are safe while you enjoy your vacation.

Some extended warranties will cover things like tire repairs and replacements, which may be essential if you are going to be spending a lot of time on the road. For a small activation fee, Endurance customers get one year of Beneficios de élite, which includes tire repairs and replacements as well as key fob replacement and total loss coverage. Getting new tires or repairs, such as air pressure checks before a longer trip, can help ensure your safety at high speeds, as well as the safety of other people on the road.

The Role of Extended Warranties in Seasonal Car Care

Seasonal car care is a great way to prepare your vehicle for the coming months and get ready for the specific challenges of the weather and the activities you will be doing. Every car will have its own set of needs during specific times of the year, and with the temperatures rising in the summertime, it is important to get your vehicle ready.

Hot weather can affect things like your electrical system, fluid levels, tires, and cooling system. Taking the time to get specific service and maintenance according to your owner’s manual will keep your car running smoothly, no matter how hot it gets or how many miles you put on the odometer.

If you want help paying for your car’s summer maintenance, a comprehensive extended warranty is going to be your best bet. Extended coverage that includes maintenance services is a great way to stay on top of your vehicle’s upkeep all summer long. Endurance’s Advantage plan includes up to $3,500 in routine maintenance services, including oil changes, so you can keep your vehicle in top shape and get costly repairs covered.

Utilize an Extended Warranty for Summer Maintenance

Maximizing your extended car warranty can be a big help when it comes to keeping up with your vehicle’s summer maintenance and making the most of your road trip. If your coverage includes roadside assistance, this can be a lifesaver when you are on the road and end up needing towing services or fuel delivery. Having this kind of peace of mind can help you enjoy your time behind the wheel without worrying about being stranded from breaking down or running out of gas.

Endurance customers get a wide range of extra perks, such as Asistencia en carretera 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana, which are all accessible through the Endurance mobile app or the equipo de servicio al cliente galardonado. This means that help is never out of reach when you are on the road.

When the time comes to take your vehicle in for summer maintenance or repairs to get ready for a trip, it is important that you get the best possible help. Certified shops and experienced mechanics will give you and your car top-notch service that you can rely on no matter how many miles you are driving this summer.

With Endurance, all you have to do is go to the certified shop of your choice and present your Endurance contract to the service manager. From there, they will contact Endurance and take care of everything. If your repair or maintenance procedure is going to be covered, you can pay your deductible and get the repairs you need in no time.

Get the Best Protection for Summer With Endurance

Getting your car ready for summer is incredibly important, especially if you plan on heading out for longer trips. While it is essential to keep your car in good condition year-round, summer can be especially hard on your vehicle, and doing everything you can to prepare will help you save money and avoid a lot of hassle down the line.

With a good understanding of some of the most important car care tips and how your extended warranty can help you get the service you need, you can go into summer with confidence, knowing that you will be covered every step of the way.

Endurance offers auto protection plans for every situation and all types of vehicles. Get a customized vehicle service contract for your car, whether it has a lot of mileage on the odometer or is a high-end luxury vehicle.

Endurance plans also come with a collection of incredibly useful standard benefits like Asistencia en carretera 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana, towing, rental car coverage, and trip interruption protection. Plus, for a small activation fee, you can also get access to Beneficios de élite, which includes extra perks like tire repairs, key fob replacement, and up to $1,000 in total loss coverage.

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