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Jaguar Extended Warranty – Coverage Terms, Expiration and More

POR: Alex Perrone

Jaguar is one of the premier British automobiles available in the worldwide marketplace. Unfortunately, Jaguar vehicles also have a reputation for expensive and frequent maintenance. Luxury-built cars still break down, and the “luxury” is not without its price. This is why Jaguar owners must consider protecting their investment with a Jaguar extended warranty.

There are common misconceptions about the Jaguar warranty, but there are also benefits when it comes to protecting Jaguar cars. With the help of a vehicle service contract, commonly referred to as an extended auto warranty, you can find some complete coverage options – and even plans with added perks.

In this article, we will explore the following:

  • What Was Covered By Jaguar Factory Warranty?
  • Jaguar Manufacturer’s Warranty Expiration Dates.
  • Why Jaguar Vehicles Need Vehicle Protection.
  • How Much Does A Jaguar Extended Warranty Cost?
  • Which New and Used Jaguar Vehicles Qualify For Coverage?
  • Can You Get a Bumper-to-Bumper Jaguar Warranty on New and Used Vehicles?
  • What to Know Before Buying a Jaguar Extended Warranty.
  • Why You Should Purchase a Protection Plan for Your Jaguar.

Owning a Jaguar vehicle and keeping it on the road may be expensive. Reputable third-party providers, like Endurance, are essential for offering new and used Jaguar owners extended protection when their manufacturer’s warranty has expired.


The Jaguar manufacturer’s warranty was updated recently in response to criticism that they weren’t protecting their high-maintenance cars. Jaguars may break down, but they are still built using very expensive parts and components. Unfortunately, for Jaguars, what was once an investment, may become a burden. This holds for owners once the warranty ends.

The Jaguar New Vehicle Warranty Includes:

  • 5-year / 60,000-mile powertrain warranty. This protects all new Jaguar vehicles’ key powertrain components. These parts include the components that allow the car to drive, like the engine, transmission and drive axle.
  • Unlike other luxury vehicles that offer bumper-to-bumper warranties for a shorter span than the powertrain warranty, Jaguar also includes 5 year/60,000-mile warranty Jaguar bumper to bumper warranty.

The combination of powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranty with the same exact terms sounds like an advantage Jaguar has over other luxury brands. That is not the case. Jaguar is mostly trying to protect its reputation by including the expected repair costs for all of their cars in the initial sale price.


If you want to know if your Jaguar powertrain or bumper-to-bumper warranty has expired, follow our easy-to-use chart below. If you want to know a more precise date of expiration, simply replace the date “January 1” with the date you purchased your new Jaguar sedan, crossover, or SUV.

Year Jaguar Purchased:Jaguar Warranty Expiration Date:
January 1, 2022 January 1, 2027 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2021 January 1, 2026 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2020 January 1, 2025 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2019 January 1, 2024 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2018 January 1, 2023 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2017 January 1, 2022 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2016 January 1, 2021 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2015 January 1, 2020 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2014 January 1, 2019 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2013 January 1, 2018 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2012 January 1, 2017 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2011 January 1, 2016 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2010 January 1, 2015 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2009 January 1, 2014 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2008 January 1, 2012 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2007 January 1, 2011 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2006 January 1, 2010 or 60,000-miles
January 1, 2005 January 1, 2009 or 60,000-miles


Jaguar is a name that is synonymous with British luxury and style. Next to Aston Martin, they have been considered to be the symbol of British engineering for decades. Once upon a time, they even supplied cars to the Queen, the Queen Mother, and Prince Charles.

Yet, Jaguar is known to be plagued with the issue of dependability. They may have prestigious build quality and style, but they consistently rank low regarding reliability. Jaguar vehicles break down frequently and easily, and the price to have those repairs taken care of is relatively high.

While many automotive publications claim that the reliability of Jaguar is changing for the better, it was only two years ago when Jaguar started providing industry-consistent factory warranties for their cars. Jaguar is a decades-old institution, but they don’t quite know how to match the prestige of their nameplate with the demands of drivers who want a vehicle that performs as well as it looks.

Jaguars are an investment, in good and bad ways. They require a way to have the expected repairs AND unexpected costs covered when needed. Jaguar adheres to the industry minimum, so shopping for third-party provided coverage is more important for their cars than other luxury vehicles.


Jaguar cars are among the most expensive to buy and even more expensive to own. They constantly rank low on reliability ratings. The cost of repair and replacement parts is incredibly high. For an understanding of this, take a look at the common Jaguar repairs across the current F-Type model:

  • Alternator Replacement – $1,081 to $1,136
  • Radiator Replacement – $1,584 to $1,706
  • Head Gasket Replacement – $3,522 to $4,263

(RepairPal estimates as of May 2022.)

The irony is that breakdowns are considered unexpected, but Jaguars, unfortunately, are expected to break down. Don’t leave yourself open, especially once Jaguar stops paying for repairs. Jaguars can break down over time, so don’t get caught footing the bill by yourself. The key to owning a Jaguar is to have an auto protection plan for your vehicle.


There are only a handful of Jaguar models in the U.S. marketplace. The brand does this to make their cars rarer, similar to limited runs of other luxury items. Of their six main models, only four of them (the F-Type, F-Pace, S-Type and XJR) still qualify for Jaguar’s new vehicle warranty.

Endurance continues to support new and used eight-cylinder model Jaguar vehicles that may no longer qualify for the Jaguar garantía extendida.

F-Type XJ S-Type

Jaguar has gone through several overhauls in their lineups. They frequently discontinue vehicles, and most of their models are merely different trims for the six listed above. Endurance can provide coverage to the vehicles listed above and many discontinued models as well.



If you have a Jaguar, there’s no question that you need extended vehicle protection. You will be using it for all the costly repairs that come with owning a Jaguar. The best part of opting for one provided by a third-party company, like Endurance, is that coverage is available for new and used Jaguar vehicles.

In addition to cutting the cost of Jaguar repairs, here is what else you get with a Jaguar protection plan:

  • Peace of mind. – You never know when or where a Jaguar will have issues. If thinking about the inevitable costly car repairs keeps you up at night, instead, opt for that extra safety net to put your mind at ease.
  • Long-term value. – Jaguars are a difficult car to keep, but most owners plan on keeping them for a long time. It is for this reason that extended coverage helps make the cost of Jaguar ownership more affordable over time without diminishing the value of the cars themselves.
  • Increased resale value. – Just because your Jaguar is less expensive to own doesn’t mean it is less valuable. An extended protection plan makes it more in demand for resale and allows owners to actually raise the price when selling the car.
  • Additional services. – Every protection plan will come with competitive benefits packages on par with automakers like 24-hour roadside assistance and rental cars.


Jaguar loves its air of mystique and exclusivity. That’s why they may encourage Jaguar owners to keep using their dealerships and services for all repair work. However, it may be more beneficial for Jaguar owners to be able to take their car anywhere, whenever they need serious work done. Jaguar dealers can control prices, especially once the factory warranty is over.


Water Pump Replacement $909 to $1,199
Head Gasket Replacement $3,416 to 4,154
Oil Pump Replacement $2,816 to $3,425
Alternator Replacement $934 to $977
Door Window Motor Replacement $700 to $756
Starter Replacement $757 to $870

(RepairPal estimates as of May 2022.)


You may believe that it is probably better to buy an extended warranty for a Jaguar directly from the manufacturer. However, not only does Jaguar give owners a handful of restrictions and term limits, but they might also overcharge for this warranty. They are increasing the cost of ownership of their cars because they want you to believe that their warranties are your only option for coverage. The truth is that Jaguar-provided plans simply can’t compare to third-party offerings.

As a direct provider of vehicle protection, Endurance offers drivers affordable plans with competitive rates for the absolute longest coverage terms. Coverage from Endurance can cover repairs for the following components:

  • Aire acondicionado
  • Brake Systems
  • Sistema de refrigeración
  • Drive Axle Assembly
  • Electronic Components
  • Motor
  • Front & Rear Suspension
  • Sistema de combustible
  • Transfer Unit
  • Transmisión
  • Turbocharger / Supercharger


Jaguar customers may run into issues with their vehicles regularly and with alarming frequency. However, Endurance is ready for those. There are common big-ticket repairs on every Jaguar model, and we can help drivers prepare for how much they can cost.

Endurance will give Jaguars every option and advantage they need to keep their car up and running. Jaguars can be considered a status symbol. That’s why it is important for every Jaguar driver to have one that works. Drivers should also have every perks and privilege that vehicle owners of other cars get from their automakers that Jaguar simply doesn’t have:

  • Payment options for any budget.
  • Award-winning customer service.
  • Your choice of a licensed mechanic.
  • Claims paid directly to the repair centers.
  • A risk-free 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee

Jaguar only recently increased the scope of its warranty. Unfortunately, this was primarily aimed at attracting new car buyers as opposed to helping them save money on repairs



Jaguar has a rich history within the global automotive industry. It is a fascinating story worth reading. If you would like to learn more about Jaguar’s history and the limits of their manufacturer’s warranty information, visit one of the sites listed below. You should also be aware of Jaguar recalls and the most common and frequent repairs Jaguar vehicles are taken in for.  Research is the first step in saving money when it comes to your new or used Jaguar.

Jaguar Phone Number: 1 (800) 452-4827

Jaguar Website: Jaguar.com

New/Used Jaguar Recalls (USA): JaguarUSA.com/owners/vin-recall.html

General Recalls, Problems, and Defects: NHTSA.gov/Recalls

Jaguar Owner Reviews: ConsumerReports.org/Cars/Jaguar

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Jaguar Extended Warranty

  • Is it worth buying an extended warranty for my Jaguar?

As mentioned above, unexpected repairs for your Jaguar cost a lot of money. Endurance offers coverage plans that can help protect a variety of vehicles, including Jaguars, covering everything from A/C to turbo and superchargers.

  • What repairs are covered by an extended warranty?

Endurance Warranty can cover everything from the engine, fuel, transmission, cooling systems, electrical, and more. We also have an option that is suitable for everyone and provides payment plans if needed. View each plan we offer which also includes sample contracts with full details.

  • Can my Jaguar vehicle be serviced anywhere?

As long as the auto shop or mechanic is certified, then yes! Endurance provides well-rounded coverage for both new and used Jaguar vehicles that allow you to take your car to your preferred location.

  • What’s the difference between an extended warranty from Jaguar compared to Endurance?

Aside from being the direct administrator of most plans we offer, every new Endurance customer gets one year of Beneficios de élite included with the purchase of a vehicle service contract. This suite of perks – a $2,000 value – offers key fob replacement, tire replacements or repairs, collision discounts, and total loss protection. You can also stay up-to-date with your plan on the Aplicación móvil Endurance that allows easy access to your account.

  • How do I get a quote for an extended car warranty?

You can request a quote by filling out your vehicle information, phone number, and email. Get your customized quote within minutes!

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