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Oldsmobile Extended Warranty: Coverage, Options, Discounts, Terms

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While Oldsmobile is no longer in business, there are many Oldsmobile vehicles still on the road today. Keeping your investment protected with una garantía extendida ensures your Oldsmobile vehicle stays running without you having to spend the money on the repairs.

When looking for an Oldsmobile garantía extendida o contrato de servicio de vehiculo, there are two main choices you can choose from. First, you can select a dealership-backed warranty. These are garantías extendidas offered by your GM dealership. Alternatively, you can choose a third-party provider such as Endurance for more choices regarding coverage plans and service centers.  


What is Covered by an Oldsmobile Extended Warranty?

Drivers that purchased or leased an Oldsmobile were automatically covered by their manufacturer-backed Pro Grade Protection. This protection has since expired due to the age of Oldsmobile vehicles and no new cars being produced.  

Instead, you can opt for a third-party extended auto warranty which covers both parts and labor for costly repairs that impact your engine, transmission, and more. There are also some breakdown protection packages that cover routine maintenance, like EnduranceVentaja.  

An extended car warranty offers similar, if not better, coverage than a limited warranty from an automaker. Not only can you get a low deductible, but you also gain access to towing, coche de alquiler reimbursement, choice of repair facility, and more. 

How Much Does Oldsmobile’s Extended Warranty Cost?

Oldsmobile’s garantía extendida costs vary since several factors influence pricing. Let’s take a closer look at each factor to get a better understanding of what your provider takes into consideration. 

Extended Warranty Coverage

Each extended warranty company provides different levels of coverage for you to choose from. This gives you options for coverage and price points to provide the best value for your situation. A powertrain warranty is ideal for those who prefer affordable options, while an exclusionary or bumper-to-bumper warranty can provide total protection for newer vehicles.  

Type of Vehicle

Another significant factor that influences the price of an garantía extendida is the type of vehicle you have. For more common vehicles with more minor features, you can expect to pay less than new vehicles with more technologically advanced systems. 

Extra Benefits

If you are looking to get an garantía extendida that offers extra benefits not generally included in standard garantías extendidas, you can expect to pay a little extra for it. 

What Should I do If My Oldsmobile Manufacturer’s Warranty has Expired?

Once your factory Oldsmobile warranty expires, you’ll be without coverage on all of your factory components. To stay protected, you should consider purchasing an garantía extendida from a direct administrator like Endurance to gain peace of mind.  

Endurance provides premium protection plans to keep the most vital components of your vehicle covered after your Garantía de Fábrica expires. If you’re currently covered by an insurance company, this only applies to mechanical breakdowns caused by an accident. 

To get total protection, you’ll need protection from warranty providers that focus on breakdowns caused by manufacturing errors. 

Average Oldsmobile Repair Costs

The costs of auto repairs vary from under a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common costs associated with Oldsmobile repair parts. 

Oldsmobile Repair Part  Average Cost* 
Condenser  $392-$543 
Power Window Switch  $193-$285 
Compressor  $623-$854 
Evaporator  $1,264-1,566 
Engine Mount  $216-$451 
Alternator  $460-$691 

*pricing derived from repairpal.com 

Shopping for an Extended Oldsmobile Warranty

Since Oldsmobile has been off the market since 2004, you are currently unable to purchase an garantía extendida through the company.  

Your best bet for coverage will be through a third-party warranty option to handle covered repairs for your coche usado. Endurance offers an excellent extended range for cars of all makes and models. From electrical systems a aire acondicionado y cambios de aceite, there’s an option for you to ensure you’re covered in the face of a avería mecánica


Oldsmobile Extended Warranty or Third-Party Vehicle Protection?

Now that you know how Oldsmobile garantía extendida works let’s see how they compare against each other. 

Pay Less for Coverage

Dealership-backed warranties are a little more expensive due to the amenities you get with them, but they can usually be financed into your car loan. Third-party warranties typically offer more opciones de cobertura to choose from, making them cheaper than dealership options.  

Endurance, for example, offers personalized coverage packaged to choose from. Plus, drivers can stay protected without breaking the bank with flexible payment plans and offer a devolución de dinero de 30 días garantizar

Choose Your Repair Shop

When it comes to getting warranty repairs, the type of warranty you have determines where you can take your vehicle. You’ll have to take it to a GM dealership for dealership-backed warranties to have the repairs done. If you choose to go with Endurance, you will have the freedom to take your vehicle to any certified mechanic to complete the repair. 

Endurance Oldsmobile Extended Warranty Benefits

When choosing an garantía extendida for your Oldsmobile through a third party such as Endurance, you will get great benefits that will make your contract more appealing. 

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance – When you experience vehicle problems, it is usually never at the perfect time. Endurance offers 24/7 roadside assistance to help you any time of the day. 
  • Rental Car Reimbursement – When having your car repaired for warranty work, Endurance will reimburse you for car rental costs. 
  • Trip Interruption – If your vehicle breaks down over 100 miles away from your home, Endurance will pay for lodging and food for up to 3 days while your car gets repaired. 
  • 1-Year of Endurance Elite Membership – With a purchase of any plan, you will get a 1-FREE year of Endurance Elite Membership. 

More About Oldsmobile Warranties:

To get a better idea of the problems that you may face while owning an Oldsmobile, we have put together a list of recalls, problems, and defects links for you to check out. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: Oldsmobile’s Extended Warranty 

Where Can I Get My Oldsmobile Serviced for Repairs? 

Depending on where you get your Oldsmobile garantía extendida, where you can take your vehicle for warranty repairs will vary. You will need to take your vehicle to an Oldsmobile dealership for dealership-backed warranties to have the work done. With Endurance, you can take your car to any certified technician. 

What Does Endurance Warranty Cover that Oldsmobile Warranties Doesn’t? 

With an endurance warranty, you will get to take advantage of great benefits, including trip interruption, 24/7 roadside assistance, and substitute transportation. 

Endurance warranties offer great benefits such as 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption, and substitute transportation services. 

What Extended Warranty Covers the Most for the Best Price? 

The best-garantía extendida for you depends on what you want to be covered and what you can afford. There is no one-size-fits-all warranty, that is why Endurance offers great personalized coverage to choose from. In addition to finding coverage for Oldsmobile, you can also find warranty plans for most makes, such as Buick, chevrolet, y GMC.

How Do I Get a Quote for an Extended Warranty?  

To get a quote for an Endurance protection plan, simply fill out the quote request form. You can have a quote in as little as a few minutes! 

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