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How to Qualify for the Best Full Coverage Extended Warranty

POR: Alex Perrone


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When shopping for extended coverage most people try to find the best deal for the lowest price. It is common for drivers to expect the most bang for their buck. But wanting something does not necessarily mean you qualify for it. And the unfortunate fact is, not everyone will qualify for a full coverage extended warranty.

Now this doesn’t mean that it is very difficult to qualify, you just need to be on top of a few things. Find out what you can do to make sure that you get the very best level of coverage. Because after all, who doesn’t want the biggest bang for their buck?

First off, we would like to say that while not every single driver qualifies for a full coverage extended warranty, most drivers do. So you can breathe easy now. But there are certain limitations for extended coverage companies that make it impossible for us to give certain vehicles full coverage.

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Vehicle Qualifies for a Full Coverage Extended Warranty:

The Newer, the Better: It is a known fact that you qualify for the best coverage when your vehicle is new. As your car gets older your options begin to disappear over time. This is because parts become more difficult to find and outdated models can be harder to work on for mechanics. Don’t miss out on your chance for a full coverage extended warranty by putting too many years on your car.

Lower Mileage = Higher Chances: The lower your mileage is, the higher your chances are that you’ll qualify for a full coverage extended warranty. Everyone knows that your car’s chances of needing repairs is greater with a higher mileage. These can be seen as “too risky” for some companies and may disqualify your vehicle for full coverage. A lower mileage will not only help your chances of getting the best coverage, it will also lower the price.

Better Maintained Vehicles Get Better Options: Every driver needs to keep up with routine maintenance. Things like oil changes, wheel balances, and fluid replacements can not only help your vehicle run better but also run longer. It also means fewer repairs will most likely be needed. A great way to ensure you will qualify for a full coverage extended warranty is to keep up with routine maintenance.

While we wish that every driver could qualify for a full coverage extended warranty, unfortunately it just doesn’t happen. We do our very best to find the best contract for every customer, but sadly not everyone meets the requirements for full coverage.

But don’t despair if your vehicle doesn’t qualify for a full coverage extended warranty, there are still plenty of other extended coverage options available to you. Call us today to get your free quote and see what coverage your vehicle qualifies for!

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