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Invest Your Tax Refund in Auto Protection

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invest tax refunds into auto protection

With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting every industry and many American’s employment statuses, the IRS has pushed back the critical tax filing date to July 15, 2020 (from April 15, 2020). This move has given everyone a two-month extension on filing, and more time to prepare your return and plan for your refund.

Many count on their tax refund as an essential part of their income and use it to make larger purchases or pay down debts. Investing in your car is always the right choice, primarily if you rely on it for work.

Why you should invest your tax refund in auto protection

If you haven’t purchased an auto warranty or roadside assistance plan, now is a great time and here’s why: 

  1. Winter is coming – No, not like in Game of Thrones, but it’s going to be here faster than we think. Even if you rely on public transit now, when it’s colder, you might not be so excited to do so. Plus, winter can be tough on cars, and investing in a warranty program might help cut back on the expense of future repairs. 
  2. Commuting is making a comeback: If you’ve been working at home during the quarantine, you may not be driving a lot. But when businesses start opening up again, and people return to the office, you may need your more than ever. More driving can mean more potential for repairs, so investing now is a good step to prepare.
  3. Discounts and deals – All Endurance customers get access to the Digital Vehicle Rewards portal, which includes discounts on local restaurants and businesses. You will also receive $250 in digital shopping dollars to use towards these deals when you sign up for a warranty. You can shop for electronics, gift cards, and more on www.mydigitalvehiclerewards.com
  4. Roadside assistance – Roadside assistance can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re still worried about health concerns. If you’re lost, you can call and have a trusted technician sent to assist you with a flat tire, lockout, dead battery, and more.
  5. Special offers – Many companies offer special offers during the tax refund season because they know people consider larger purchases due to the extra cash on hand. Endurance is currently offering relief programs to help get America back on the road again. Take care of payment now, and take advantage of the deal. Then you will have coverage for the next several months taken care of.

If you’re concerned about budgeting for an auto warranty, Endurance offers payment plans and other considerations for warranty holders to meet payments without hardship. 

Protect Yourself with Endurance

Investing in auto protection can help you gain peace of mind during this time. Car repairs can cost anywhere between $50 to over $2,000, depending on the part.

Endurance offers the most comprehensive package on the market that can help get you back on the road. Plus, customers gain 1-year access to the Endurance Elite Membership for FREE. Elite offers $250 in digital shopping dollars that can be redeemed on big brands like Nike and Amazon, plus car key fob and tire replacement. 

For more information on all the fantastic benefits that come with an Endurance Warranty, request a no-obligation quote below.

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