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Honda Extended Warranty Cost: Why Coverage Is Worth It

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Honda is an auto manufacturer like no other. This Japanese car manufacturer has been in the U.S. marketplace since the 1980s but has always been in the line up to challenge some of the “homegrown” makers, such as Vado y chevrolet, for market share.

In prior years, they had three models that were among the “Top 20 Best Selling Vehicles of the Year” including the Honda Accord, Civic, and CR-V. And, with so many Honda cars on the road, one must think that many must eventually break down or require repairs. This is where Honda extended warranties come in to take care of any issues. It’s no wonder why Honda is such a popular brand; Honda makes a reputable car with solid factory coverage.

While many manufacturers put out admirable products, like Honda, they will eventually begin to break down over time, causing the need for a safety net for drivers. This wallet-saving apparatus comes in the form of an extended warranty from a dealer or a third-party provider like Endurance. Our vehicle protection plans can help you save thousands on future Honda auto repairs.

What Is Covered By a Honda Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty?

Honda’s factory warranty is nothing to scoff at. Which is why it is such a difficult burden for drivers once the terms are over.

Honda’s coverage begins with a 5-year / 60,000-mile powertrain limited warranty. That is primarily focused on the important parts of a car that keep it moving and working as the engine and transmission. Only new Honda vehicles qualify for this limited warranty, which is commonly referred to among automakers as a “bumper-to-bumper” warranty.

Within those first five years of owning a new Honda, there is also a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty from Honda that focuses on factory defects. This coverage includes:

  • Repair/replacement of defective batteries
  • Defective wiper & blade inserts replacements (during your first 6 months of ownership)
  • The first year or 12,000 miles of ownership, will fully cover wheel balancing and tire alignment
  • Finally, the first 2 years of ownership cover air conditioner refrigerant

If you bought your Honda as a used or “certified pre-owned” vehicle you do not qualify for the above coverage options. Instead, all used Honda drivers will find that almost every Honda dealership will offer a “certified pre-owned warranty.”

De acuerdo a Honda’s website, CPO warranties are available only for used vehicles purchased at a Honda dealership. This covers:

  • HondaTrue Certified+: 7 years / 100,000 miles of powertrain coverage for 2021-2022 vehicles (under 12,000 miles)
  • HondaTrue Certified: 7 Years / 100,000 miles of powertrain coverage for 2017-2022 vehicles (under 80,000 miles)
  • HondaTrue Used: 100 Days / 5,000 miles of powertrain coverage for 2012-2022 vehicles (no mileage limit)

The exact details of what is and is not covered under both of the above vary between make, model, and mileage. Look for the following words when reviewing a Honda CPO Warranty:

  • Powertrain – This plan will cover the most important and most expensive components of your vehicle. These include the engine, drive axle, transmission, transfer case, and more.
  • Stated Component – A substantial step above the Power Train plan, Stated Component coverage protects all major mechanisms listed previously but expands to cover more high-tech items, such as air conditioner, cooling systems, steering, suspension, fuel system, and more.
  • Exclusionary – Also known as full coverage, this plan consists of so many parts that it will cover, that it instead lists what isn’t covered. Those are considered exclusions to the contract, hence the name: exclusionary coverage.

It is reassuring that Honda does try to provide coverage for used vehicles, as many other automakers do not. However, it is very limited since they prefer that you just buy another Honda vehicle from them directly, rather than keeping one past the manufacturer’s warranty. Of course, if you purchase any sort of Honda extended warranty from your dealership, they will only ever allow you to use it at their service centers for maintenance and repairs.

This is why a vehicle service contract from a reputable third-party provider, like Endurance, is an important option for used AND new Honda owners alike.

How Much Does a Honda Extended Warranty Cost?

Alas, we reach the million-dollar question. No, coverage does not cost millions of dollars, it is surprisingly affordable. While we cannot give you an exact Honda extended warranty price unless you request a quote and we gather your driving information, we can at least give you an estimated cost.

Generally speaking, the average cost for coverage on your Honda is in the $350-450 per year range. But it is all dependent on numerous factors that will determine the final price of your plan.

Being that it is now 2014, it means all previous models are now a year older. This means that your factory coverage has gotten a year closer to expiration, or worse, has already expired. Get your free quote today and be on your way to worry-free driving.

Can You Get a Bumper-to-Bumper Honda Warranty on New and Used Vehicles?

Vehicle service contracts, commonly referred to as extended auto warranties, work to continue helping drivers pay for repairs like they would have under manufacturer warranties. Manufacturers often refer to their coverage as “bumper-to-bumper,” implying complete coverage of your car. In the case of Honda, they call it “end-to-end” protection.

Independent providers of vehicle service contracts will instead use the term “exclusionary coverage.” This refers to the protection that is comprehensive for important vehicle components throughout. These coverage plans are very similar to the original manufacturer’s warranty but continues the coverage and limits of the factory warranty once it has expired.

honda warranty used car high mileage cost extended warranty price

As we noted above, Honda’s factory warranty is comprehensive, but it will not last forever. When it comes to used Honda vehicles the options are scarce. Many Honda owners invested in their cars for their reliability and long lifespan, so pre-owned Honda drivers have the option to purchase coverage from a direct provider to continue protecting their vehicles from costly repairs.

This is why we recommend that Honda drivers who wish to keep their cars longer than the manufacturer’s warranty get a quote for coverage as soon as possible. Protecting your vehicle is extremely important and the longer you wait to purchase coverage, your protection options drop dramatically. This is why we suggest not waiting and ensuring your investment is fully protected.

Aftermarket service contracts like ones from Endurance can even offer Honda owners more flexible terms and coverage plans than dealer-sold options do.

What to Know Before Buying a Honda Extended Warranty

Perhaps the most enticing benefit of coverage from a third party and not a manufacturer is you are no longer forced to have work done to your car by a dealer that controls prices, especially when your factory warranty is over.

Here are the average repair costs for a Honda Civic:

Head Gasket $1,687 – $1,980
Suspension Ball Joint $173 – $244
Heater Core $877 – 1,158
Water Pump $524 – $628
A/C Evaporator $548 – 712
Starter Replacement $474 – $738

(RepairPal averages updated March 2023.)

Once Honda’s factory-provided warranty is over, you could be paying for any and all of these repairs and replacements out of pocket. And automakers tend to charge a premium when working with them.

Honda Vehicles Available for Honda Warranty Coverage:

Acuerdo Civic CR-V
HR-V Fit Insight
Odyssey Pilot Ridgeline

Honda Extended Warranty or Third-Party Vehicle Protection?

Many drivers are confused as to whether they should choose a Honda extended warranty plan or go with a third-party provider of extended vehicle protection. Your gut might tell you to choose the manufacturer, but this requires a bunch of restrictions and term limits that just can’t compare to third-party offerings. These direct providers of vehicle protection, like Endurance, can offer drivers affordable plans with competitive rates for the absolute longest coverage terms.

Save Money on Repairs

Reputable third-party providers of vehicle service contracts will assist Honda drivers to shop for a coverage plan and price that can comfortably fit into their lifestyle and budget.

Endurance can provide affordable monthly payment plans. More importantly, unlike competing providers, Endurance will pay for claims directly to the repair shop. We will not leave Honda owners with the bill while waiting.

Extended Protection Coverage Made For You and Your Car

Third-party providers can draw up coverage options tailored specifically to every driver and their make/model’s needs, driving habits, and budget.

Use Your Protection Plan with Any Trusted Mechanic

Honda prefers that you use only their service center and repair facilities. And that is good when you are still under the factory warranty. However, once you start paying for work on your car by yourself, dealerships charge a premium for service and OEM (original manufacturer) parts. This can be very inconvenient, especially if you own your vehicle longer. That is why third-party providers allow you to take your car to any licensed mechanic, whether it’s simply to work with someone you trust or if it is just easier to have your vehicle taken there.

Money-Back Guarantee on All Extended Vehicle Protection

When purchasing coverage from a third-party provider we know that Honda owners can be very particular and discerning. That is why we offer a 30-day/1,000-mile risk-free trial period with our service. See if coverage is right for you. In addition, once your factory warranty is over, you may no longer have the benefit of 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption, or rental cars during repairs. That is something Endurance provides with every vehicle service contract.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Honda Vehicle Protection from Endurance?

vehicle warranty extended honda manufacturers coverage price

Honda customers sometimes complain of problems that lie outside the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty, which nevertheless causes trouble and expense, such as faulty ignition switches or gear shifting issues. However, luckily these issues could be covered by the third-party coverage that you purchase from Endurance.

Your safety is the most important part of the extended Honda Warranty package. As a bonus, all of our warranty plans include roadside assistance, car rental, and trip interruption benefits. When they need it, customers can be sure to reach a helpful representative at any time of day or night.

Just because you can’t control the road doesn’t mean you have to worry about keeping your vehicle investment secure. Vehicles wear down, but a Honda Extended Warranty doesn’t. Avoid costly repairs and hassle by preparing now with a vehicle protection plan from Endurance.

What’s more, an extended Honda warranty is risk-free. Anyone who chooses to purchase an Endurance vehicle protection plan has the opportunity to try the product for up to 30 days and if they are in any way unsatisfied with the protection plan, they can get a full refund. We are so confident in our products that we will offer every driver a money-back guarantee. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions and help you make the selection that is right for you.

FAQs: Honda Extended Warranty

  • What does an Endurance extended warranty for Honda cover?

Endurance offers Honda drivers a wide range of coverage plans that are designed to fit their specific needs. We also provide a free year of Elite Benefits with every protection plan, which includes 24/7 roadside assistance, key fob replacement, and collision discounts.

  • Do Honda warranties cover used vehicles?

Honda offers a “CPO” warranty for used vehicles, but the warranty is very limited in time and convenience. The CPO warranty only allows you to get repairs done using Honda services, whereas, Endurance provides well-rounded coverage for both new and used vehicles, allowing you to take your car to any certified mechanic.

  • How much does an extended warranty for Honda vehicles cost?

It’s difficult to give an exact price without taking all the necessary information into consideration, so we advise you to request a quote to get a more accurate price. Endurance offers customized coverage, with plans as low as $79 per month. We also work with customers to develop payment plans.

  • How does a Honda factory warranty differ from an Endurance Warranty?

When you purchase a warranty from your dealership, that usually means that they are the middleman and are just distributing another company’s contract. Endurance is a direct administrator meaning there is no middleman involved, and what you see is what you get.

  • Are Honda’s extended warranties transferable?

If the warranty in effect is still the original Honda factory warranty then the warranty will transfer, but if it’s the extended warranty from Honda it will not. However, all protection plans offered by Endurance are transferrable to any car, whether you are buying or selling.


For more information about Honda’s performance history and manufacturer’s warranty information, visit one of the sites below. You’ll want to know what kind of breakdowns to expect when the Honda warranty provided by the manufacturer runs out. A little research can go a long way, and so will a reliable Honda auto protection plan from Endurance.

Honda Phone Number: 1-800-999-1009

Honda Website: Honda.com

New/Used Honda Recalls: Owners.Honda.com/Recalls

General Recalls, Problems, and Defects: NHTSA.gov/Recalls

Honda Owner Reviews: ConsumerReports.org/Reviews

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