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Does an Extended Warranty Cover Pre-Existing Conditions & Repairs?

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When a driver is searching for an extended auto warranty, one of the first things they must do is to make sure that their vehicle is in complete working condition. It isn’t necessary for them to get their vehicle completely checked out from bumper to bumper, but it wouldn’t hurt.

The reason that it might not be a bad idea to get your care checked out before getting extended vehicle coverage is because the coverage may not cover current problems. So will an extended auto warranty cover pre-existing conditions?

Before we answer the question “Will an extended auto warranty cover pre-existing conditions?”, let us explain what a pre-existing condition is. A pre-existing condition is a current problem or necessary repair that a vehicle has before extended protection is added. So if your alternator is out or about to go out before you get coverage, it would be considered a pre-existing condition.

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So, will your extended auto warranty cover pre-existing conditions?

Pre existing conditions are not covered by extended coverage companies because companies would go bankrupt if they were covered. It is similar to your health insurance provider not accepting pre-existing medical conditions. You couldn’t call Blue Cross Blue Shield up to take out a contract while you’re in the ambulance on your way to the hospital.

If  pre-existing conditions were covered, most people would get coverage while their vehicle was in the shop and cancel it when the repair was finished. Because you can add or end your extended coverage at any time, the system could be easily abused.

This isn’t to say that everyone who asks us if an extended auto warranty will cover pre-existing conditions is just trying to scam us.

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It’s a very valid question:

Just the other day a woman was very excited about coverage for her vehicle because she saw how expensive her most recent repair bill was.  Fully understanding that any pre-existing conditions would not be covered, she still wanted the coverage. She said “At the end of the day, I would rather be protected for the future than not to be protected for the future AND the past.” We couldn’t agree more.

Just because your car may have a pre-existing condition, does not mean that you won’t qualify for coverage. While that one component might not be covered, the thousands of other parts will be. And that can still ahorrarte mucho dinero in the long run.

If you would like to find out more information about if an extended auto warranty cover pre-existing conditions give us a call today. We can find you the right level of coverage at the right price. Call us for your free estimate.

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