FAQ: Can I cancel my extended vehicle warranty?

Canceling Your Endurance Warranty Vehicle Service Contract

Every Garantía Endurance auto protection plan or vehicle service contract (VSC) comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your first 30 days after purchasing your new VSC is a review or periodo de espera. We encourage you to use this time to carefully read your contract details and discuss it with your family to ensure it is the right decision for you.

If you decide to cancel for any reason, call our customer experience team at (866) 432-4443. If you haven’t used your contract, we can cancel your contract and fully refund your payment.

Canceling Endurance After 30 Days

You may cancel your auto protection contract at any time. This includes after the first 30 days or if the vehicle is sold, lost, stolen, or destroyed. To do this, you must notify us in writing and submit a cancellation request. This must include a Federal Odometer Statement or notarized affidavit verifying the mileage at the time of the request.

If you’ve filed a claim or are beyond the first 30 days of purchase, you may receive a prorated refund, less an administrative fee and the total amount of approved claims. Your prorated refund amount is based on the number of active months or the number of miles driven before the cancellation request.

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