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Toyota Extended Warranty – Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

BY: Alex Perrone
New Toyota cars in a showroom

The search continues. We’ve tackled Chrysler and Chevrolet in our hunt to see if any manufacturer actually does make an extended warranty. With dozens of manufacturers rolling out vehicles from the factory, you’d think that one would actually manufacture an extended warranty, right?

The Toyota brand has existed since 1937. While not an American-made car, it is still extremely popular in the States. So, if your Toyota’s manufacturer’s warranty has expired, are you protected? Does Toyota even offer an extended warranty? Let’s find out.

The obvious place to look first would be Toyota’s website. Their ‘Resources’ tab leads us to their warranty page, describing what they offer for their vehicles.

The Toyota website offers four different types of warranties for their vehicles:

  • New Vehicle Warranty – Toyota has a standard 3-year/36,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty. However, when this warranty runs out, you are liable for repairs.
  • Hybrid Vehicle Warranty – Similar to their New Vehicle Warranty, except specifically designed for Hybrid cars with different components than standard vehicles.
  • Toyota Certified Used Car Warranty – A Toyota that comes back to the dealership can be certified and resold with this warranty. However, only vehicles certified by Toyota are eligible for this coverage.
  •  Accessories Warranty – Any accessories added at the time of sale for a vehicle, and some that are added after come with a specified length of coverage.

None of these looks like a Toyota extended warranty to us. We have found our answer: Toyota does not offer drivers an extended warranty.

Why Get an Extended Warranty for a Toyota?

These drivers believe that because Toyota vehicles are so reliable, an extended warranty is contradictory. There is no denying that Toyota manufactures quality products. Many Toyota drivers comment on the constant reliability of their vehicles. But no matter how well something is built, it will eventually break down. Toyota owners have noted that the reliability of Toyota products may have started slipping in recent years.

With a little online searching, you’ll find a list of recent Toyota service advisories. While these service advisories may not be threatening to your car at the moment, who knows what can happen down the line? Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

Vehicles were not meant to last forever, but with extended coverage, you can keep your car as long as possible. At Endurance, we will not sell you a Toyota extended warranty, but we WILL sell you a vehicle service contract for your Toyota.

Our vehicle service contracts are very similar to a Toyota extended warranty, but instead of Toyota covering your repairs, Endurance covers them! Warranties can only come directly from the manufacturer of the product. Since Toyota does not offer an extended warranty, our vehicle service contracts will pick up where the original warranty was left off.

Don’t allow your Toyota to fall out of warranty. Protect your vehicle and your wallet with Endurance extended coverage! Request a FREE quote today.

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