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Toyota Extended Warranty: Extending the Life of Your Vehicle



The search continues. We’ve tackled Chrysler and Chevrolet in our hunt to see if any manufacturer actually does make an extended warranty. With dozens of manufacturers rolling out vehicles from the factory, you’d think that one would actually manufacture an extended warranty, right? But even if can’t find one, don’t worry, that’s what we are here for!

The Toyota brand has been around since 1937. While not an American-made car, it is still extremely popular over here in the states. So if your Toyota’s manufacturer’s warranty has expired, are you protected? Does Toyota even offer an extended warranty? Let’s find out.

The obvious place to look first would be Toyota’s website. Their ‘Resources’ tab leads us to their warranty page, describing what they offer for their vehicles.

The Toyota website offers four different types of warranties for their vehicles:

  • New Vehicle Warranty– Toyota has a standard 3-year/36,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty. But when this warranty runs out, you are liable for repairs.
    • 5-year / 60,000-mile Toyota powertrain limited warranty
      • Covers the major power systems of the car, like the engine and transmission.
    • 5-year / unlimited-mile Toyota rust-through warranty
      • Covers you from rust-through of some parts.
  • Hybrid Vehicle Warranty– Similar to their ‘New Vehicle Warranty’, except specifically designed for Hybrid cars with different components than standard vehicles.
  • Toyota Certified Used Car Warranty – A Toyota that comes back to the dealership can be certified and resold with this warranty. However, only vehicles certified by Toyota are eligible for this coverage.
  • Accessories Warranty– Any accessories added at the time of sale for a vehicle, and some that are added after come with a specified length of coverage.

What Happens After the Toyota Factory Warranty Expires?

Every Toyota dealership then comes to offer the option for when the main factory warranties expire.

Toyota sells their own in-house vehicle service contracts. Under Toyota there are:

  • 3 service agreement protection plans to choose from
  • Toyota’s nationwide service and support network
  • One-time warranty transfer between owners

Toyota’s overage plans are great since the cost of repairing a Toyota is quite pricey.

Let’s take a look at the Camry, the best-selling vehicle in America for several years now. According to the most updated list at RepairPal.Com these are the most common Camry repairs and what they cost:

Water Pump $189 to $3,246
Front Strut/Shock Absorberr $124 to $1,054
Brake Rotor $234 to $815

Toyota vehicles are some of the most affordable in the market so it is unfortunate that repairing them without some sort of vehicle protection can be more expensive than the cars themselves.

Toyota’s coverage does come at a price however. Like most automakers, they tend to charge a premium for doing business through them alone out of convenience. And there are other disadvantages automakers have to third-party providers like Endurance.


Toyota once struggled with recalls and defects but they are now one of the top automakers for reliability. Their warranties and vehicle service contracts are highly competitive. So are ours

A third-party company such as Endurance works to help save Toyota drivers more than if they rely on Toyota for their protection needs. Drivers could pay much less than you would for that branded Toyota service agreement, while getting the same additional benefits and potentially full coverage for their car or truck.

A Toyota protection plan from Endurance can cover repairs for the following components:

  • Air Conditioner
  • Brake Systems
  • Cooling System
  • Drive Axle Assembly
  • Electronic Components
  • Engine
  • Front & Rear Suspension
  • Fuel System
  • Transfer Unit
  • Transmission
  • Turbocharger / Supercharger


Toyota’s motto is “let’s go places.” However, you can’t really go places if your car can’t drive properly.  Working with a provider like Endurance means you can have your Toyota protected for any place you go. That’s peace of mind.

The best is that you will have the kind of options that even automakers like Toyota cannot provide.

You won’t ever be limited to just using Toyota dealers but once you bring your car in to be diagnosed, you should simply hand them off to your provider.  That would mean Endurance, in this example. Endurance would then go on to pay for parts, work, and even the extra charges should you need them such as rental car and trip interruption needs like food or lodging.



Some drivers believe that because Toyota vehicles are so reliable that a Toyota extended warranty is contradictory. There is no denying that Toyota manufactures a quality product. Many Toyota drivers comment on their vehicles constant reliability. But no matter how well something is built, it will eventually breakdown. Toyota owners have noted that the reliability of Toyota products may have started slipping in recent years.

With a little online searching, you’ll find a list of recent Toyota service advisories. While these service advisories may not be threatening to your car at the moment, who knows what can happen down the line. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

Vehicles were not meant to last forever, but with the extended coverage you can keep your car as long as possible. At Endurance, we will not sell you a Toyota extended warranty, but we WILL sell you a vehicle service contract for your Toyota.

Our vehicle service contracts are very similar to a Toyota extended warranty, but instead of Toyota covering your repairs, Endurance covers them! Warranties can only come directly from the manufacturer of the product. And since Toyota does not offer an extended warranty, our vehicle service contracts will pick up where the original warranty left off.

Don’t allow your Toyota to fall out of warranty. Protect your vehicle and your wallet with Endurance extended coverage!

Here are the Toyota Models Covered by the Toyota Extended Warranty:

Yaris Corolla Camry
Avalon Sienna Tacoma
Tundra Rav4 4runner
Sequoia Land Cruiser A86

Should I Purchase an Extended Toyota Warranty or Coverage from a Third-Party Company?

A third-party company like Endurance can still offer Toyota drivers the same level of comprehensive coverage they were accustomed to with their Toyota factory warranty, but with additional benefits at an affordable price. Our vehicle service contracts are ranked among the best in the industry and every protection plan we sell is backed by ‘A’ rated insurance companies. The same ones who back major companies from Microsoft to Mazda.

Endurance has been in the business for over 12 years offering drivers our Vehicle Service Contracts, commonly referred to as extended auto warranties. And if you work directly with us instead of a dealer, you’ll have several advantages over others.

  • Affordable and customizable payment options for any budget.
  • Award-winning customer service so you can make sure your needs are met.
  • Your choice of a licensed mechanic so you can choose the repair shop you trust most instead of solely relying on Toyota’s network.
  • Claims paid directly to the repair facility so you don’t have to pay the bill out of pocket
  • All service contracts are transferrable if you decide to sell or give away your vehicle.
  • A risk-free 30-day money back guarantee to ensure that you’re pleased with your coverage.



Owners of late model Toyota Camrys and Siennas should be aware that their engines could fail if they allow sludge to build up. Thousands of owners of 1996-2001 models have complained to Toyota that their damaged engines were not covered under Toyota’s warranty. These issues will be considered an out-of-pocket expense and the driver will be left completely responsible for the repairs. Unless the driver has Endurance coverage for their Toyota.

Unlike an average day of driving, an extended Toyota warranty from Endurance Warranty is risk-free. As our client, you have the opportunity to try our products for up to 30 days. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions and help you make the selection that is right for you.

You rely on your Toyota to be there when you need it, to start right up every time you turn the key. You can’t control the road, but you can keep your investment secure with a Toyota Extended Warranty. Avoid costly repairs and hassle by preparing now. An extended warranty from Endurance is a convenient way to preserve your vehicle and your peace of mind.

Unlike many of our competitors, who rely solely on risk retention groups, Endurance Warranty plans are backed by reputable, well-respected insurance companies with a long history of paying claims. Every extended warranty from Endurance includes roadside assistance, car rental, and trip interruption benefits. That means when you need it, you can reach a helpful representative at any time of day or night.


For more information about Toyota’s performance history, visit one of the sites below. You’ll want to know what kind of breakdowns to expect when the Toyota warranty provided by the manufacturer runs out. Instead of being held financially reliable for repairs that countless other drivers have experienced, find get all of the information that you need and buy with confidence that Endurance will protect your automobile for the road ahead.

Toyota Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-331-4331

Toyota Company Website: Toyota.com

New and Used Toyota Vehicle Recalls: Toyota.com/Recalls

General Automotive Recalls: NHTSA.gov/Recalls

Toyota Owner Reviews: ConsumerReports.org/Toyota-Reviews

*A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an “extended warranty”, but is not a warranty.  A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. A VSC is a contract between you and a VSC provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair and what is not. Endurance is an administrator of VSCs and does not sell warranties.*

Author: David Velez

David Velez is a Vehicle Protection Specialist at Endurance Warranty. He has been part of Endurance team for over two-years. He currently resides in Chicago, IL where he was born and raised. David graduated from Chicago Masters Commission - a college based discipleship missionary program. Unlike most Chicago residents, David considers himself a Chicago fan and equally enjoys both his Chicago Whitesox and Cubs! Connect with David on Google+!

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