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Never have we felt so reassured that if an issue should occur with my husband's Corvette, we are in safe hands.
I like the fact that Endurance does not have a middleman. That is the reason they can speak to my mechanic and make the repair approval right on the spot. I call that efficient.
We were on a road trip when our car broke down. We promptly got hold of Endurance and they got the ball rolling. Our trip resumed with a minimum of fuss.
Endurance gave me peace of mind when I bought a used vehicle with no included warranty.
I have been able to use my Endurance plan in dozens of local repair shops.
Endurance made the process easy and saved me $2,000 without me having to jump through hoops. I highly recommend Endurance for your vehicle.
Endurance handles everything in-house. If you have a problem, you call them instead of a third party.

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