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You never know when a breakdown can strike and you need coverage you can count on Andrew Giorgi Quote Desktop
As a mechanic, I always recommend my customers have an auto protection plan Keith Benline Quote
When my manufacturer warranty went out, I knew vehicle repairs would be expensive. Finding a company like Endurance that promises to take care of your vehicle and then seeing them do it gave me peace of mind. Roy C. Quote
When my A/C wasn't working, I took my car to the dealer and they worked with Endurance. Two days later, I had it back and the A/C was fixed. The bill was over $1,200 and all I paid was a $100 deductible. Gene L. Quote
Breakdowns happen, and they can be expensive. Make sure your vehicle is covered by an auto protection plan. Larry W. Quote
Before I had Endurance, I was always afraid something was going to happen to my truck. I don’t know anything about vehicles and I expected problems. To have a company like Endurance take care of it has taken a lot of the burden off my mind. Kerri B. Quote
Never have we felt so reassured that if an issue should occur with my husband's Corvette, we are in safe hands.
Deborah Better Business Bureau Logo
We were on a road trip when our car broke down. We promptly got hold of Endurance and they got the ball rolling. Our trip resumed with a minimum of fuss.
Maurice Google Logo
Endurance gave me peace of mind when I bought a used vehicle with no included warranty.
Amy Google Logo
The Endurance representative went above and beyond to help me get the best coverage for our new vehicle. It gives me comfort to know I have help if need be.
Jemina Better Business Bureau Logo
I have been able to use my Endurance plan in dozens of local repair shops.
Robert Google Logo
Endurance handles everything in-house. If you have a problem, you call them instead of a third party.
Bill Consumer Affairs Logo
I had to get an unexpected massive engine repair to my Chevy Suburban and Endurance covered it in less than 48 hours! Had I not had this policy, I would have paid at least $4,500.
Nick Google Logo

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