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At Endurance, we’re dedicated to empowering confidence for the road ahead and helping our customers save thousands in vehicle repair costs. Since 2006, this commitment has remained constant—but don’t just take our word for it.

I purchased a used car for my son knowing something could go wrong at any time. Sure enough, a month later, the engine blew and the repair was over $7,000. Luckily we were covered by Endurance.

Kimberly, Consumer Affairs

2007 Volkswagen EOS

159,470 miles

kimberly customer

After a horrible experience with my repair shop, Endurance went above and beyond to make the situation right. All the staff I spoke with made me feel like I wasn’t just a paycheck, but a person who mattered. I’m so glad Endurance has my warranty—the personal touches make the difference.

Mildred, Trustpilot

2015 Nissan Altima

94,623 miles

mildred customer

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Customer Reviews

Endurance is the real deal. I used them on another vehicle and when it came to a warranty issue, and they made everything as fast and as easy as possible. They dealt with the dealership directly and everything was taken care of. Thank you again, Endurance—I truly appreciate you.

Jason, Trustpilot

2017 Volkswagen Passat

124,122 miles

jason customer

Trusted by Customers Since 2006

Nearly one million vehicle owners across the country love the protection, savings and VIP benefits that Endurance auto protection plans provide.

I signed up for an Endurance extended warranty and it paid for itself due to the repairs needed. I'm happy I signed up with them as it would have cost me way more to pay the repairs out of pocket. For me it was the safety net I needed to keep my car up and running without breaking the bank.

Adriana, Trustpilot

2007 Volkswagen EOS

83,896 miles

adriana customer