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8 Secret Uses For Your Key Fob

BY: Keith Benline
Key Fob Secret Uses

Your vehicle’s key fob does much more than just an accessory on your keychain. There are many different uses for a key fob that you may not have been aware of. Depending on how new your vehicle is, these secret uses may be programmed onto your key fob without you knowing it. Let’s take a look at 8 secret uses for your key fob to see which may apply to your key fob. 

For more information on your specific key fob, check your owner’s manual for a full breakdown of key fob capabilities. 

8 Secret Uses Key Fobs Can Do

1. Set Off Your Alarm

Many people fail to notice that you can set off your car alarm from your key fob. Whether you see someone messing with your car or think you hear someone opening your door in the middle of the night, you can set your car alarm off at the touch of a button. This is an older feature that many older vehicles have but is seldomly used as many people do not know they have it. You can even turn your car alarm off remotely if it gets set off.

2. Adjust Your Seat

With vehicle technology improving year by year, more cars are getting memory functions that allow you to set your specific settings each time you get in the car. This can be done on some vehicles by the key fob. If your newer car has this function, you can set your memory function, like seat adjustment, to the actual key fob. If you and your spouse share a vehicle, you can use the key fob to set your memory functions so that they auto adjust as soon as you enter the car.

3. Self-Park Your Car

On the newest of vehicles, such as Tesla models, you will get a self-parking feature that can be used straight from your key fob. This is perfect for those times where you know your car will fit in a tight spot, but you won’t be able to open your door. Simply park your car in front of the parking spot, push the self-park button, and allow the car to park itself. This can be used to scoot your car forward in the same type of situation.

4. Act As A Home-Theft Deterrent

As previously mentioned, the alarm function on your key fob can be used to scare thieves off from your vehicle. However, many people don’t know that this can be used as a home burglary deterrent as well. Keeping your key fob by your bedside can allow you to alarm your car if you suspect someone is breaking into your home. The loud alarm should deter any would-be burglars as there will be plenty of attention on your house with your alarm going off.

5. Fold In Your Mirrors

On newer vehicles, your key fob can be used to fold in your mirrors remotely. Door mirrors can become damaged or scratched in busy parking lots, so folding them gives them added protection. It is also a great feature to have if you forget to fold your mirrors in while at the car wash. Simply push the correct button on your key fob and watch your mirror fold in with ease.

6. Rolling Down Your Windows

Rolling your windows down on a summer day to release all of the hot air is just one of the great benefits of using your key fob to roll your windows down. Some manufacturers have integrated a window roll-down feature into their key fobs to allow you to instantly roll all of your windows down at the click of a button. You would be surprised at the temperature difference this feature makes on the hottest summer days.

7. Hide A Spare Key

On some key fobs, particularly ones with push-button starts, you can open up a compartment on your key fob to access a spare key. This is commonly seen on newer Infiniti vehicles. This spare key allows you to manually start your vehicle in the event that your push-button start does not work or your key fob dies. This is a rarely used function compared to the other uses on this list, but it can be the most valuable tip if you’re ever in a situation where you have to use it.

8. Help Find Your Car In A Parking Lot

Last but not least, you can use your key fob to help find your car in a busy parking lot. This tip is about as old as key fobs, but it is worth mentioning as many people are unaware of this tip. Using the alarm or panic function on your key fob, sound the alarm to help find where you may have parked your vehicle. If you are searching for your car at night, simply locking or unlocking your vehicle will trigger the lights to flash, making finding your vehicle super easy. This is a great tip to use when out of town or in an unfamiliar parking lot such as an amusement park or state fair.

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