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New Age Solutions to Keep Car Batteries Warm in Winter

BY: Andrew Giorgi
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With the winter months approaching, temperatures will drop, and your car must be ready to handle this weather change. As it starts to get colder outside, specific components of your car get affected by this drastic change. As temperatures dip to the freezing zone, you may notice your tire pressure light come on, issues with your heater or defroster, and even a slower startup when trying to start your vehicle.

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a vehicle that won’t start when temperatures are at their lowest. Since car batteries are made to operate efficiently in warmer temperatures, as they age, they can have issues starting when it gets cold outside. Luckily, there are ways to keep your battery warm and protected during winter.

The Challenge of Cold Weather on Car Batteries

The cold weather can drastically affect the performance of your vehicle’s battery. Inside your battery, chemical reactions take place to help start your car. As the temperature gets colder outside, this chemical reaction slows down, reducing your battery’s ability to generate power. This reduces your battery’s efficiency and increases the chances of your vehicle struggling to start on cold mornings.

The battery’s ability to start or crank in cold temperatures is called cold-cranking amps (CCA). For those who live in warmer clients, a battery with a lower CCA rating can be used as these climates usually do not experience extreme temperatures.

If you live in an area that experiences harsher winters with continuous days of freezing temperatures, you will want a battery with a higher CCA rating. The CCA rating can drop as your battery ages, meaning your older battery will be more susceptible to hard start conditions as temperatures fall.

Parking your vehicle in a garage can help to keep your battery warmer than keeping it outdoors in the elements. If you must keep your car outdoors or your garage gets too cold, there are other great solutions to keep your battery warm,

Cutting-Edge Technology for Battery Temperature Regulation

As the years have passed and technology has improved, so have the options for keeping your battery warm in the cold winter months. Let’s look at some of the most popular products for keeping your battery warm in the winter when the temperature drops.

Battery Heating Pads

Much like a heating pad for your back, a battery heating pad is a single pad plugged into an outlet to keep your battery heated. These heating pads are versatile and usually universal so you can put them under the batter or on the side of your battery, wherever you may have access.

Electric Battery Blanket Heater

An electric battery blanket heater is similar to a battery heating pad, except these blankets wrap around the entire battery to heat the battery evenly. They are also plugged into a wall outlet and usually require the battery to be removed for installation. Battery blanket heaters are one of the best options as they can be left on the battery during operation and plugged in when needed. The wrap-around design ensures that the batter evenly heats to increase the longevity of your battery life.

Innovative Insulation Solutions for Automotive Batteries

If you do not want to plug in a heater or do not have access to a plug where your vehicle is parked, an innovative insulation solution can help. While these are not as effective as an electric heater, they are budget-friendly.

Battery Insulation Kit

A battery insulation kit is a set of insulation pads you install onto your battery to keep it insulated. These kits help keep the battery’s natural heat inside the insulation and prevent the cold from affecting your battery.

Battery Insulation Sleeve

Battery insulation sleeves are similar to an insulation kit but are designed to be slipped around your battery for a tight fit. These sleeves work the same way as insulation kits but are made from different materials and installed differently. Insulation sleeves usually require the battery to be removed for installation.

Smart Charging Systems For Cold Climates

Since cold climates make it even more challenging to keep a battery charged throughout the winter, car owners need unique solutions to keep their batteries charged until spring. While warmers and insulation kits can help protect and keep your battery warm, those who do not drive their vehicle as often in these colder climates need to ensure they keep their batteries thoroughly charged. A dead battery is the last thing you want to deal with when starting your car, especially when you don’t have another vehicle to jump-start it with.

To keep your battery charged throughout the winter, a smart charging system can ensure you get a solid start every time. A smart battery charger uses temperature sensors and advanced technology to access your battery’s current condition and adjust the amount of charge delivered to your battery.

These systems can tailor the charging process to the specific needs of your batter in cold weather to give you better battery charging efficiency, reduce strain on the battery, and prolong your battery life. This small investment can save you hundreds of dollars in premature battery failure.

3 Tips for Maintaining Car Battery Health in Winter

To keep your battery healthy this winter and prolong your battery’s life, especially in cold climates, follow these great tips:

1. Minimize Battery Strain

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your battery and keep it performing well throughout the winter is to minimize the strain on the battery. This can easily be done by turning off non-essential electrical components before turning off the engine. This can help reduce parasitic draw and reduce the battery load during startup. You will also want to ensure your alternator is in good condition to keep your battery charged while driving.

2. Maintain Your Battery

Another great way to keep your battery healthy is by maintaining it throughout the year. The battery terminals can experience corrosion, forming oxidation on the battery posts and terminals. This will cause your battery to lose the connection between the posts and the terminals, making it harder to start your vehicle. Inspecting and cleaning your terminals will allow you to stay ahead of any oxidation forming on your battery.

3. Keep Your Battery Warm

Lastly, using the methods above to keep your battery warm will keep your battery lasting longer throughout the winter months. Simply parking your vehicle in the garage or installing a simple insulation kit can significantly improve the lifetime of your battery, especially in colder climates.

Staying Powered Through the Cold

Now that you know how to warm up a car battery to keep it protected in low temperatures, you should be able to increase the lifespan of your battery. These tips not only help you prolong the life of your battery but can also save you money from having to purchase a new battery prematurely.

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