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The Aspark Owl- Japan’s Mysterious Supercar Concept

BY: Alex Perrone

the aspark owl

Ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show, Japan has come swinging right out of the gate with a mysterious new electric vehicle concept. Behold: the Aspark Owl. It can be argued that the Aspark Owl might be the goofiest name a supercar could have but this concept is no joke. If the performance claims are true, none of us will be laughing.

The Aspark Owl is constructed out of a special carbon fiber body. Inside it has an all-electric drivetrain. According to the Japanese automakers, the Owl can go from 0-60 miles per hour in under 2.0 seconds. Now that is a hoot. If their estimations are accurate that means the Aspark Owl would in fact be the fastest accelerating road car on this planet’s history.

How does the Aspark Owl work?

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Since the Aspark Owl is still just a concept, there is not a whole lot of information on it. However we do know a few things that would raise a few eyebrows. First, it was back in 2014 when development on the Aspark owl began. It was not until the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show that the car made its official debut, however. It turns out that the developers only had a limited budget to work with and the resources of Japan. Those all seem moot because even as a concept, the Aspark Owl is very impressive.

The car was almost completely made out of carbon fiber. They used a wonder-weave method to integrate the panels on the space-frame chassis. The wheels are made out of an ultra-light magnesium allow. That material undoubtedly contributes to the potential acceleration. The Japanese representatives note that it is possible for them to integrate a dour-wheel drive system. After all, that seems to be the only way the car could possibly gain traction in conjunction with the torque from the electric powertrain. This is how automobile insiders believe the car will be able to do its ludicrous 0-60 sprint.

Finally, the car only stand at about 39 inches tall high. That makes it an inch shorter than the classic Ford GT40.

Is the Aspark Owl Realistic?

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Theoretically, the numbers that the Japanese automakers throw around might actually be possible. Especially since a 1000 horsepower electric powertrain is not very likely to slow down at inopportune moments. It is very unlikely this supercar will be anything less than super.

So that level of electrifying power is actually possible. However the idea that it will have that level of power and a decent driving range is a little harder to comprehend. The Aspark Owl looks somewhat similar to the Aston Martin Valkyrie albeit a little unfinished. As per its namesake, we have no word whether it makes a “who” sound or turns its head all the way around.

There will undoubtedly be more details on the Aspark Owl as we move closer to the date of the Tokyo Motor Show. After all, its Frankfurt debut suggests this car is not just smoke and mirrors. We do, however, expect it to be mostly confined to racetracks, if it ever launches.

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