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The Best Vehicles and Concepts from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

BY: Alex Perrone

tokyo motor show

Every two years the Tokyo Motor Show gives us a glimpse into 5 or 10 years into our automotive future. It can be intimidating to sort through the news coming in from the prestigious auto show. This year was particularly grand where everything from groundbreaking electric coupes to autonomous motorcycles, the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show really had such sights to show us. Today on ShopTalk we are running down the best of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Mazda Kai Concept

The great thing about Mazda’s Kai concept is that unlike many concepts feels like it is very much in the realm of possibility. It does leave a few lingering questions, however. The elongated hood and rear-drive proportions seem out of place for any production vehicle. However it would be really neat to see a rod car with those unique headlights and aggressive profile. The body surface has a clean finish that stands out in the crowd. What we really like about the Kai is how it forgoes the busy bodywork that seems like all the rage for other automakers.

Daihatsu DN Compagno Concept

This is arguably the coolest car we saw at the Tokyo Motor Show but sadly you won’t be able to purchase it in the US. We really like how adorable this car is, it has the rounded face of a Volvo and it even has a similar profile and roofline of an Audi A3. The rear bodywork is also a lot like a 1965 Italian Pininfarina car. Stepping inside you may notice how it has unique digital displays in a classic framework. The engine is not much to write home about but it’s a compact car with agility.

Honda Sports EV Concept

Ask a lot of gearheads and they’ll tell you that a big hurdle keeping them from adopting an EV is that many just seem really uninspiring to drive. Yes there are exceptions, people really have taken to Tesla’s entire aesthetic but the truth is you can spot an EV a mile away and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Now Honda is out to change that conception with the Honda Sports EV concept.  That name seems somewhat familiar if you remember the Honda Urban EV that made its debut Frankfurt. The difference with the Sports EV is that it leans harder into the retro-futuristic motif. Given how well received the new Honda looks are on their lineups and their driving ability, we wouldn’t be surprised if this EV actually takes off.

Subaru Viziv Performance Concept

We were a little conflicted over whether or not to include this on our list. Not because it isn’t a good car but because Subaru tends to over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to transitioning a concept to a production vehicle. The latest WRX, for instance, did not live up to the concept that was touring the auto show scenes not too long ago. However the Subaru Vizviv might just be our sneak peek into what we might find on the new WRX and WRK STI’s. Hopefully those cars retain a portion of the Vizviv’s features.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept

Mazda’s Vision Coupe Concept is kind of a misnomer. It has four doors after all and not two. However it is a refreshing change of pace for Mazda because it is a full-size sedan when they usually top out at midsize. While Mazda insists they are not pushing for a flagship sedan, instead the proportions of the Vision Concept to just show off all the new styling of their future lineups. While this car won’t make it to production it will probably have a huge influence on the future of Mazda and that is what we are excited for.

While several automakers opted out of the Tokyo Motor Show it did not end up disappointing. In fact we are even more excited for the automotive future. Stay tuned on ShopTalk for more news on any one of these amazing concepts that will hopefully make it to production.

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