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Journeys & Destinations

BY: Alex Perrone


No matter which road you take, Endurance will be there with you offering peace of mind… and not just with our services either! Whether you are planning your next vacation, looking for new places to indulge your inner gearhead, or looking for a simple drive to clear your head, consider us your go to guide. We’re bringing you expert tips and travel advice that will get you where you need to go in the most stress-free manner, and maybe even save you a little money along the way.

~ Journeys ~


Traveling can be fun, even when doing so behind the wheel of your car but that doesn’t make it any less of a challenge for drivers of any and all levels. Whether you know where you are going or not we hope you find ways to make the journey a lot easier with the help of our articles. From how to time your drive to ways to keep you and your car fueled for long trips as well as what you should have with you at all times in case of those pesky “road bumps.” Be prepared for whatever the road brings you.

Check out behind-the-scenes and in-depth features on some of our favorite road trip routes and the most famous roads in history. We’ll be exploring everything from famous roads to grand tours, and even legendary haunts on the highway. It’s not just about how fast you get there, the journey is half the fun with Endurance.

The road trip is one of the great past times for any vehicle owner, and with our help there will be no shortage of places to go. And we’ll be with you the entire way!

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~ Destinations ~


Getting there is only half the fun, which is why Shoptalk is bringing you our favorite travel destinations. Whether you’re speeding down the expressway or choose to take that old, rural road less-traveled, we’ll get you there safe.

Check out behind-the-scenes and in-depth features on some of our favorite destinations all around the globe. From some of the most famous auto museums, race tracks, conventions, and auto shows to the perfect getaway for friends, families, and everyone in between. We’ll be exploring places to go to for every occasion from hotels and resorts, local must-attend events, and everything else you need to see before your journey ends.

Beyond the expert tips we will be regularly featuring inside looks at our favorite destinations around the United States and sometimes even all around the world!

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