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Six Important Steps When Dealing with a Car Accident

BY: Endurance
Dealing with a car accident

No matter how smart or safe of a driver you are, accidents are bound to happen at some point or another. Car accidents often leave people feeling disheveled and frantic because there are so many factors to consider after the shock of the event. Although many of us jump straight to worrying about our precious automobiles that we love so much, the safety of yourself and others is always most important and takes priority above anything else. Cars are replaceable; YOU are not.

To ensure that you are taking the proper steps, in the event, that something happens, Endurance has created a guide for you to follow outlining what to do if you need some assistance. This article is meant to make your life easier and less stressful, god forbid the unexpected happens!

1. Get to a safe area

If it’s OK and safe to do so, move to a location out of the way of traffic, like the shoulder of the road. If not, then turn your hazards on to let other drivers know you can’t move anywhere.

hazard button

2. Stop your vehicle and get out

Turn off the engine and make sure your vehicle is at a complete stop. Catch your breath, curse if you need to, and then get out of the car ONLY when it is safe to do so. Look around to make sure no vehicles are flying by you.

deep breath

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3. Make sure no one is hurt

If you are not in any pain and suffer no injuries, take a second to check on others involved in the accident such as passengers, the other drivers, and pedestrians. If anyone is hurt, call 911 and report the accident immediately letting them know that people are injured and to bring an ambulance.

4. Call Police

Even if it’s just a little fender bender, it’s always a good idea to report the accident especially if you going to file a claim through your insurance company. If you don’t call the police, then you can also submit an accident report through your state DMV.

police car patrolling

5. Gather all necessary information

In order to make sure that the accident is dealt with properly, write down information on the other driver (name and number), license plate, the insurance company, make and model of vehicle, eyewitness contacts, location of the accident, police officer names/badge numbers if they follow up to the scene. It is also a good idea to take a picture of the scene of the accident and damage done to the car.

6. File claims through insurance and warranty company

Once you have all the essential information jotted down, it is time to file your claim and let us help you the rest of the way. The insurance covers you in the case of an accident, but we cover the vehicle, giving you 100% protection. Call us at 1-877-779-0206 or visit our homepage to get your free quote.

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