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10 Lifehack Videos for Your Car Every Driver Needs to See

BY: Alex Perrone

Woman cleaning her car with orange towel

At Endurance, we believe your car is an investment, that’s why we are in this business to begin with. Every investment should be cared for and owning a car means investing in both time and money in it in a number of ways. Sometimes that means paying for different services, and sometimes that means do-it-yourself maintenance. We’ve gone over lifehacks before and  the world of home innovations keeps the DIY spirit thriving in the automotive world. However, while there are endless car hack videos out there to save you time and money. Few are actually safe enough to do alone for most drives and vehicle owners. Today we’ve compiled 10 very easy, very doable and possibly the outright BEST videos the internet has to offer in the way of vehicle DIY maintenance/lifehacks. Just as it is with us, these videos are another case of a few minutes of your time can going along way to keeping your car, your investment, up and running.


  1. Clean and polish your headlights with toothpaste

Put away those expensive fluids, fancy soaps and polishes. Toothpaste keeps your smile glistening and glowing but it also can do wonders for your headlights. This video shows hoes all you need to give your lights shining as brightly as they can are toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a rag.

  1. Fix a dent with a toilet plunger

Repairing the body of your vehicle seems simple enough but it’s often the most expensive type of repair. Luckily for reasonably sized little dents, which are often the most costly, you can use hot water and a (clean) toilet plunger to suction those dents back in place.

  1. De-ice your door lock with hand sanitizer

You can wait and/or chip away at the ice keeping you out of your car in winter but believe it or not, hand sanitizer melts right through without damaging the paint job to the car.

  1. Remove scratches with nail polish

Your dealer will have the matching paint color for your car for DIY touch ups  but for those with older cars, finding out can be very time consuming if not impossible all together. If the scratches aren’t actually scratches that deep or thick, clear nail polish fills them in well enough.

  1. Use dryer sheets as an air freshener

Would you rather…have your car smell like lord knows what or that car wash scent that smells like a motel room? This dryer sheet trick is the middle ground and typically makes for both a milder and much more pleasant third option.

  1. Boost the range of your keyless remote with your head

Literally use your head to remember where you parked. By raising your car remote to the level of your noggin, you can actually boost the range of your keyless remote so you don’t have to scour the parking lot longer than you spent at your destination.

  1. Finally (and easily) peel that sticker off your window/bumper

Remember back in the day when you were really into that one band, that one bumper sticker slogan or that one presidential candidate? Honestly window and/or bumper are a lot like tattoos of your exes, you really don’t want that extra reminder. Here’s how to safely and easily peel these off…the stickers not the tattoos, we’re not a romance site.

  1. Get more gas into your tank

With a flick of your wrist and the handle of most pumps, you’ll be able to get more gas (and less air) into your tank every time without dangerously “topping off.”

  1. Home (office) made cell phone holder

Put those extra office supplies you “bought” to good use with this easy step by step guide to a handcrafted cell phone holder and you’ll be one step closer to the Martha Stewart/MacGyver life.

  1. Keep your doors from freezing shut in the winter

 Even if you used that hand sanitizer solution to unfreezing your lock, there’s a chance that the door might still be jammed. This video shows how to get you in the sanctuary of your car when it’s freezing outside.

Have a lifehack or a tip that you swear by that we didn’t mention here? Find a video that you think we should include? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear what you think… even if you’re just dropping by to say hello!

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