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The Honda Civic Hatchback Now Comes in Turbo

BY: Alex Perrone

Honda Civic Type R concept car on display during the Geneva Motor Show, Geneva, Switzerland

This car may look more than a little familiar to you. Honda demonstrated a relatively slight concept rendition of the tenth-gen Civic hatchback earlier in March of 2016, and soon after that a ready for production model was discovered. It’s finally here at last here and we can now let you know that the hatchback Civic will be sold in the US beginning the coming fall.

HONDA Civic Type R displayed at the 84th Geneva Motor Show, in Switzerland

This new body style greatly upgrades the Honda they have been offering for about a year. It will be accessible in LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, and Sport Touring trims, with that last one being a whole new expansion. All will get Honda’s 1.5-liter turbo four offered in the upper trims of the main car and new roadster models, however they won’t all get a similar measure of force: LX, EX, and EX-L models will utilize a 174-hp form, while anything that says Sport on the back gets knock up to a 180-hp tune, thanks to the sweet exhaust system you see on the car above. Torque doesn’t fluctuate between the trims – it’s 162 lb-ft on every one of them.

Honda Civic Type R development car on display during the Geneva Motor Show, Geneva, Switzerland

The other AWESOME news is that the hatchback (alongside the other 2017 Civics) will be accessible with the new turbo motor and a manual transmission. (For 2016, the turbo roadsters and main vehicles were sold only with the CVT, and the manual was offered just on lower trims with a normally suctioned 2.0-liter four.) The six-speed stick will be standard on LX, Sport, and EX models, while the CVT will be accessible on those trim levels and standard on the others. The turbo motor is a real charmer, and we have believed that it would be that greatly improved with a stick shift, despite the fact that the vast majority will pick the automatic CVT at any rate. Be that as it may, yippee for flexibility and freedom of choice.

Honda Civic Type R shown at the IAA

Hardware definitely reflects what’s accessible on the similar trims in the two-and four-door cars, except for that new Sport Touring trim. It also sounds like that will include  the Honda Sensing suite of security tech (accessible on different trims), Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, and LED headlights – in addition to some more sport like looks and the power ups.

Enormous changes come in the rear end and incorporate a front end glass that is separated (something Honda loves to do) by the spoiler which traverses the taillights. Also, in the event that you’re concerned the greater part of the air back there won’t be moved and spoiled, there’s a little body-shading spoiler at the highest point too. The Sport’s middle exhaust sits inside a quite rakish back belt, and we expect that the precision and power will come from the front like it is on the other Civic bodies.

Honda Civic Type R concept car on display during the Geneva Motor Show, Geneva, Switzerland

The Sport Touring model looks really great, yet we’re only somewhat more pumped up and ready to jam for the Type-R that is coming one year from now. What’s more, bear in mind the up and coming Si display. The most recent Civic lineup is turning out to be the best offered in the US yet!

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