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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Vehicles

BY: Endurance
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Electric Vehicles, also known as EVs, are vehicles that use electricity rather than gas to operate and are powered using rechargeable battery packs and plug-in stations at home. In recent years there has been an intensification in both curiosity and interest for these types of vehicles over regular gas cars. In Europe, it is estimated that the production of EVs will reach 4 million, accounting for more than a fifth of the European output. In 2018, the U.S. doubled its production record of over 200,000 EVs, but overall remains a smaller fraction in the market.

Electric Vehicles offer a profound amount of advantages that their counterparts do not, but because they are so new, people are still hesitant to make the switch. Although society is changing rapidly in response to technological improvements in the automotive industry and pushing towards a greener world, we are definitely nowhere close to seeing the last of gas-fueled engines.

Less Threatening to the Environment

Less Threatening to the Environment

The top and probably most convincing reason that people are jumping on the EV bandwagon is because of their reducing threat to the environment. It’s proven that EVs produce far fewer emissions than conventional gas-fueled vehicles do, and improve public health significantly. Automobiles are the #1 factor in compromising the air quality in America which jeopardizes the health of people who breathe in these toxins (all of us). Electric vehicles would contribute positively to this issue by eliminating the use of gas by using electricity.

No Breakdowns, No Problems

car repair

Electric Vehicles are less susceptible to break downs and car failures, giving peace of mind to drivers and saving them money. Because of their intelligent behavior, practicality, and simplicity, there is not much room for oil leaks or gasket failures. On the downside, this also makes it difficult for people to fix their own cars because the technology is so advanced. If you drive an electric vehicle, you should take it to a reliable auto shop to make sure it is being cared for properly.


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$ave that Money

saving money

Come on now, who couldn’t save a few hundred dollars at the end of the year? Electric Vehicles will do just that. After expensive housing costs, transportation is the second-largest expense in the average American’s life. According to the HuffPost, the average American will spend over $2,000 a year on filling their cars with gas, whereas the average cost to run an Electric Vehicle is $485 a year. With gas prices fluctuating daily, the cost of electricity is much more reliable and budget-friendly.

EV Technology

EV technology

The main concern that people have with EVs is their driving range. Some cars can travel up to 300 miles on a single charge whereas others range from 84-107 miles. This can be difficult if you drive long distances routinely or enjoy driving on a whim without any destination in mind. Although most EV drivers don’t have issues with the driving range, you must charge your vehicle every night, so it is ready for use the next day. The technology behind Electric Vehicles is regularly improving, so it’s expected that these driving ranges will continue to increase as time goes on and advancements are made throughout the industry.

The reality of a gas-free future is becoming more and more likely, especially among other countries. It may take time to happen and come into full effect, but many people are already reaping the benefits that EVs offer at a personal and global level. It will be exciting to see how Electric cars continue to improve in the next couple of years and see the positive changes they make to our world.

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