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The Best Podcasts for Road Trips

BY: Endurance
best podcasts for road trips

Long drives are a perfect opportunity to explore new music and new podcasts. You’ll have the opportunity to really absorb multiple episodes of a serialized podcast, or go through the back catalog of a new favorite. 

If you’re gearing up for a long trip, we’ve got some suggestions for you that will hopefully make the time pass a little faster.

Educational Podcasts

Best Podcasts for Road Trips

It might sound like the last thing you want from a podcast, but there are many talented podcasters and journalists who make learning fun! There’s also a wealth of topics to deep-drive (pun intended) into, so you can pick something that really interests you. 

You’re Wrong About 

Journalists Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes dive deep into topics society collectively misremembers, focusing particularly on women who were maligned in the media. Listen to learn the true details of major media events like the Clinton scandal featuring Monica Lewinsky, Satanic Panic, and Tonya Harding. The podcast has humor as well as excellent research.

The Dream

This Parcast Network podcast spent its first season doing a deep dive into the intensely interesting world of multi-level marketing. Have you ever been invited to a Tupperware, Pampered Chef, or Mary Kay party? Then you’ll understand and enjoy this exploration into this unique space.

Reply All

Are you extremely online? Hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman helm this Gimlet podcast and provide tech support on a wide range of topics. From understanding Twitter memes to getting back hacked Snapchat accounts from thieves, they go out of their way to make the Internet fun again.

Family-friendly podcasts

Best Podcasts for Road Trips

When your kids are in tow, you definitely want to make sure that the podcast choices you’re listening to are appropriate for younger ears. You can also choose things that will engage your kids and prevent them from asking “Are we there yet?”

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

This podcast features stories about discovery and science. Hosted by science journalist Lindsay Patterson and teacher Marshall Escamilla, Tumble features stories that are entertaining for kids and parents alike. Subscribe to learn on the road.

Dream Big

This podcast features elementary school-age Eva and her mom. They interview celebrities kids and parents both love about how they achieved their goals. It’s a great podcast to keep kids engaged, inspired, and happy. Plus, parents will enjoy hearing from their favorites too.

Book Club for Kids

Want to encourage your kids to read? This podcast features kids sharing their thoughts on books every two weeks. Even cooler, every episode features an interview with the author and a celebrity guest reader.

Pop culture and humor podcasts

Best Podcasts for Road Trips

If you prefer a laugh while on the road, you might enjoy some of these pop-culture or comedy podcasts. Be warned – you may find yourself going down more rabbit holes after listening.

Who Weekly?

Who Weekly’s hosts are two pop-culture journalists with a love of celebrities who are familiar, but not quite A-list. The podcast asks “who?” about celebrities trying to make it to the top, and fills eager listeners in about their antics along the way. If you’re more interested in hearing about Lea Michele’s latest scandal than watching Jennifer Aniston shill water, this podcast is for you.

Comedy Bang Bang

This show is a cavalcade of character-based nonsense. If you want to hear your favorite funny people have ridiculous conversations in character, this is a show you’ll love. Recurring guests have recurring characters you’ll get to know in depth, making it even more fun. 

“Why Won’t You Date Me?” with Nicole Byer

Comedian Nicole Byer (you might know her from her job hosting Nailed It! on Netflix or her stint on Girl Code) hosts this podcast where she discusses dating with each guest. It’s hilarious, poignant, and paints a picture of what it’s like to be dating while fat – a great listen for anyone who’s ever struggled to find someone they love.

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