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Endurance Direct – Who is the Girl in the Commercials?

BY: Art Royzengurt

When we created the Endurance Learning Center it was our main goal to educate and share important information with our customers. We also hoped it would become a gateway for customers to ask their own questions and for us to answer them as best we could. Though this resource has not been available for long, we’ve seen a phenomenal response. You all have put us to the challenge and we’ve been receiving some great questions from all of you. We hope to continue providing you with all the knowledge you seek. So let’s get right to it, shall we? In this article we’ll address a question that we get quite frequently: Who is the girl in our Endurance Direct commercials?

Maybe you’ve seen one of our Endurance Direct commercials on television? Or you could’ve stumbled upon an Endurance Direct advertisement on a YouTube video or other website. Regardless of where you saw the commercial, you most likely noticed our spokesperson. So who is she exactly?

The girl featured in our Endurance Direct commercials is named Courtney Hansen.

Courtney Hansen is the daughter of 27-time SCCA national racing champion Gerald John “Jerry” Hansen. So a passion for automotives is in her blood. But she’s not just living in her father’s shadow! Hansen has made quite the career for herself through various media outlets.

Hansen is the host of Spike TV’s Powerblock, a 2-hour program that airs programming specifically made for “gearheads” (automotive enthusiasts). She can also be seen on Overhaulin’, Rides, and Million Dollar Motors, among other automotive programming. So she knows her way around a vehicle or two, which is why we chose her to be our Endurance Direct spokesperson.

But Hansen is not just a one-trick-pony. In addition to her various television ventures she is also a published author. Hansen’s bi-weekly column, Courtney Hansen: Full Throttle, can be found in various newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In 2007, Hansen also published her very first book: The Garage Girl’s Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Your Car.You can check it out here.

When we were searching for the perfect spokesperson for Endurance Direct, we knew that Courtney Hansen would knock it out of the park! We couldn’t be more pleased with her work and look forward to the continuation of our relationship with her. You can see all of Courtney’s Endurance Direct commercials on our YouTube page.

You can find more information about this blonde bombshell on her website. But if you’re looking for affordable extended vehicle protection, you’re in the right place. We have the best coverage plans in the business that will fit anyone’s budget. Give us a call today for your free quote!

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