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How to Celebrate Halloween While Quarantined

BY: Adam Karner
celebrate Halloween while quarantined

With Halloween quickly approaching and Americans across the nation practicing social distancing, this year’s trick or treating festivities may look a little different this year. The yearly tradition of kids dressing up as their favorite characters and going door to door to collect candy may not happen due to safety precautions, but that shouldn’t stop the fun! 

If there’s one thing America learned while being quarantined is that fun happens anywhere, and celebrating Halloween is no different. To keep the spooky season alive, we’ve compiled our top 6 tips to do this holiday with loved ones that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

6 Ways To Celebrate Halloween While Quarantined

Halloween Candy Hunt

One of the easiest ways to keep your family safe while quarantined during Halloween is to find activities with little to no human interaction. While this may sound counterintuitive to the Halloween tradition, fanatics of all ages can still experience the same fun as usual trick-or-treating. 

Host your very first Halloween candy hunthide different treats throughout your home or backyard with ten minutes set on the clock. In many ways, this game is similar to Easter egg hunts but just spookier. 

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To make things a little more festive, decorate your yard like a graveyard to get into the spirit or use glow in the dark eggs for the night time. Decorating your home similar to haunted houses allows your loved ones to experience the full effect of Halloween.

Attend A Trunk-or-Treat

Over the past decade, many families have searched for safer alternatives than going house-to-house during Halloween. While trick or treating in the neighborhood is fun and full of surprises, there are hidden dangers that arise on this night. 

One of the most popular ways that families safely trick or treat now is by hosting trunk or treats. A trunk or treat event consists of parking your car in a parking lot alongside each other and decorating your trunk with Halloween decorations. Kids will go from car to car and collect candy without having to visit houses that they may not feel comfortable going to. Families across the nation are utilizing their cars to provide kids the chance to collect tons of goodies this year. 

Ways to Celebrate Halloween while Quarantined

(Image source: Partycity)

Not sure how to decorate your trunk? Check out these decked out vehicles that took the trunk-or-treat gathering by storm.

Create A Halloween Scavenger Hunt In Your House

Creating a Halloween themed scavenger hunt in your house is an easy way to have fun while limiting human interaction. The possibilities are endless with a scavenger hunt, especially one that involves a theme such as Halloween.

A Halloween scavenger hunt can be taken to the next level by having your kids dress up and search for small toys or candy around the house. 

For younger kids, simply doing an easter egg style hunt may be the best option. For older kids, you can leave clues to find the next candy or toy to make things a little more exciting. There are many resources online for scavenger hunts online that can be modified to fit Halloween themes.

Use Your Car To Have Some Halloween Fun

Visit A Drive Through Haunted House

Visiting a haunted house is a timeless Halloween tradition for those who are a little older. With social distancing restrictions in place, most haunted houses had to adapt to new approaches, such as drive-through haunted houses. A drive-through haunted house is a place where you can stay in your car and still experience the frights of the haunted house staff. 

Drive Through Halloween Themed Neighborhoods

There are still other ways to use your car to get out and experience the Halloween season outside of drive-throughs and scavenger hunts. Load up the family or friends in your car and drive around neighborhoods that have their houses decorated for Halloween, similar to what people do for Christmas with Christmas lights.

Check Out A Halloween Movie At A Drive-In Theater

Last but not least, if you have a drive in a movie theatre near your home, check to see if they are showing any Halloween movies. Classic thrillers are usually shown at drive-in theatres during the weeks leading up to Halloween. Have the kids dress up in their costumes and drive through Halloween themed neighborhoods on the way to or from the theatre for even more fun.

Essential Maintenance To Perform In The Fall

With the cooler weather approaching, performing essential car maintenance matters that cars have been sheltering in place for long periods. Idle cars are more vulnerable to sudden breakdowns with lack of use and nothing is scarier than an expensive car repair bill. Our experts compiled a checklist to perform this fall to ensure your car is ready to hit the road.

  • Heating system—The last thing anyone wants on the first day of winter is to find out that the heating system doesn’t work, especially if you live in the midwest. To check for proper operation, check your coolant level to be sure there is enough liquid to get to your heater core. Radiators low on coolant will not blow out heat, which will require a check-up at your local mechanic.
  • Essential fluids—While checking and topping off fluids should be something that you are doing at every oil change, it’s a good idea to check them before the temperatures drop. This will include your oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid.
  • Air filter—The air filter in your car is designed to filter out contaminants before they enter your engine. A dirty air filter can choke up your engine and cause it to run rough, decrease the fuel mileage, and make it underperform.
  • Tire pressure—Checking your tire pressure can take less than 5 minutes and can save your money when it comes to fuel mileage. Tires that are under-pressurized can cause lower fuel mileage and underperformance as your vehicle will have to work harder to rotate the tires.
  • Spare tire/components—Lastly, spare tires can experience changes in air pressure as temperatures drop during the winter. Check your spare tires condition and air pressure, as well as making sure you have the jack and all of the jack components. These are usually found in the trunk and you can check your owner’s manual for details on what you should have.

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