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Jeep Celebrates 75 Years in the Auto Industry

BY: Alex Perrone

jeep 75th anniversary edition wrangler.

Jeep is celebrating their 75th Anniversary and they did it by hosting a special event in Yorkshire.

There are numerous brands that claim to offer models that can ‘go anywhere’ – most outstandingly that British made Land Rover. However, the main Land Rover, pushed in 1948, was an endeavor to expand on a 4×4 that had been propelled in 1941 as the US military’s vehicle of decision, and accordingly had ended up in each side of the world as a component of America’s worldwide war segment – the Jeep.

Some say that the seven bars on the grille of each Jeep, maybe the most acclaimed part of the brand separated from that go-anywhere ethos, is on account of it was the main vehicle to drive on every one of the seven mainlands – others that the bars speak to the seven miracles of the regular world, the seven oceans… there are numerous stories.

Seven years back, be that as it may, Jeep was in financial danger. The money related crash was pushing the US vehicle industry to the edge of total collapse, and Jeep proprietor Chrysler ended up petitioning for liquidation. The famous ‘white knight’ was Sergio Marchionne, head of Fiat, and Chrysler, and subsequently Jeep, was converged into the Italian state brand to end up Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.


After four years Marchionne discharged his five-year development plan for FCA, and with the SUV advertise blasting Jeep was the prime center, set to move “into domain where it’s never been.” From 497,000 worldwide deals in 2008, Jeep surpassed a million without precedent for 2014, trailed by a stunningly better year in 2015.The UK has played a big part in that success. “We’ve had tough times but we are having real fun now because we are doing really well,” say Jeep’s UK head of brand Damien Dally.

“(In percentage terms) 2013 saw us record the biggest growth on the UK market except MG and SsangYong,” Dally told the LA Times. “In 2015 we were the fastest growing of all.”

What’s more, the energy is proceeding. Toward the end of 2015 Jeep’s 10,794 vehicles enlisted was 176 for each penny superior to in 2014. Before the end of September 2016, the figure was 11,762, 39 for every penny up.

The single model that has changed Jeep’s fortunes is the principal one sold and driven in the US – the Renegade is a trendy SUV to legitimately contend in today’s mushrooming market, however it is still a Jeep. We are left in most likely of that as the course guides us over the center of a Yorkshire field and up a “street” that is just expansive sections of shake at a wide range of insane edges to each other.

The Renegade is by a long shot Jeep’s best nameplate. Of the 12,500 autos the brand hopes to offer in the UK in 2016, seventy five percent will be Renegades. It now surpasses its immediate adversaries, the Skoda Yeti and MINI Countryman, and Dally is especially satisfied about beating the MINI on what is viewed as home turf.

What’s more, more is to come. Simply disclosed is the Compass – it will be at a bargain in a year’s opportunity, opening between the Renegade and the bigger Cherokee, and will assume a noteworthy part in accomplishing Marchionne’s development aspirations.

The products are all there, and the merchants are following suit. Dally is glad for the way that only five of Jeep’s present 68 outlets were with the brand in the Chrysler Jeep years. The system has been changed, in potential for profits, demeanor and look.

A few are in joint showrooms with sister mark Alfa Romeo; “It’s an absolutely deliberate strategy for us to partner with Alfa Romeo, we share similarities in the passion owners have for the brand. We’re making a big focus on customer experience.” Said Dally to the LA Times.


Dally accentuates that the need in bringing more attention to the Jeep brand is on hands of the proprietors of the cars; “We want to make every single one of them an ambassador for the brand, based on enthusiasm, passion, having fun, living life to the full.” (LA Times).

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