Off-Road Destinations That Are Worth the Road Trip

Off-Road Destinations That Are Worth the Road Trip

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Summertime is as good as any to hit the open road. After all, the road trip is one of the great American past times. However, we at Endurance like offering new twists on old ideas quite a bit. So why not…enjoy an OFF road trip? NOTE: this only applies for folks equipped with four wheel drive, SUVs/CUVs/trucks and a thirst for adventure. So without further adieu, we’ve asked around and compiled a list of some of the greatest off road trips you can take. Get ready for some dirt, gravel and plenty of memories!

 Mojave Road, Arizona & California

The whole trail that makes up the Mojave road can take anywhere between 2-4 days all the way. It stretches from Bullhead City, Arizona to Newberry Springs, California for a total of 140-miles. You’ll get to pass by so many historical landmarks and even see a snake or two! This path was once used by Native Americans and eventually Spanish explorers, European colonizers, and the U.S. Army used it for their trade routes. Such landmarks on the way the Colorado River, Joshua Tree Forest, Rock Spring, Soda Lake, and Government Monument. Since there’s only one watering hole on the whole road, we highly recommend you pack a lot of your own water.

Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington State

The Washington Backcountry Discovery Route may be long but don’t get intimidated. It’s about a five- to six-day trail with numerous campsites, hotels and rest stops throughout.  This trail may even have the most diverse terrains on this list with the lush temperate rainforest of the Cascade Mountains and even the arid high desert of Eastern Washington.

Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado

If you want to reach the Alpine Loop Trail, it is about five hours southwest of Denver. Go to Lake City and then take a sharp right. Ok the details are a bit more involved than that but you get the picture.  This is a 63-mile trail that crosses two 12,000-foot passes, past seven ghost towns. Beyond those are some of the most breath-taking vistas that even Google Images can’t do justice to. The trail is even doable by most 2WD vehicles; however we still recommend a 4x4s with high ground clearance, if only to breathe in the best views. Summer and fall are the best times to drive through this trail, as the Alpine Loop is closed during winter.

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Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona

Here’s a fun one you won’t need an SUV for. In fact if you know how to drive a motorcycle, give this a try.  It’s a 750-mile odyssey that will take you from just north of Arizona’s border with Mexico all the way up to its border with Utah. The whole trail will put you face to face with numerous historic sites, deep sand, Saguaro cacti, and more desert than a Mad Max movie. Just be sure to purchase a riding and camping permit.

White Rim Trail, Utah

 Last but not least, we recommend arguably the most scenic route in North America: the White Rim Trail. This is a two day 100-mile run located off the edge of Island in the Sky Mesa in Canyon lands National Park. Along the way you’ll catch a view or two of Utah’s famous sandstone arches. That will include towers, buttes, Indian ruins, and views of the Colorado and Green rivers. There’s no shortage of campsites along the Trail, but take note that they tend to get booked up early and often. Planning ahead is essential to enjoying this route. And again, since this is largely a desert destination, you should pack at least one gallon of water a day (one for each person with you). For you daredevils out there, it’s also a trail that allows mountain biking.


Summer gets too hot for comfort. Summer is also prime opportunity for adventure. For some of us that means going to a theme park. Other enjoy a good road trip. So why not enjoy something off the beaten path? Off road trips can leave an experience of a lifetime. Have you been though any of the roads on our list? What are some of your favorite off road destinations? Comment below and let us know!

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