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Top Summer Preparation Tips from Auto Experts

BY: Adam Karner
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When it comes to the summertime, few things can compare to the sense of adventure, fresh air, and sunshine that a road trip can bring. And with any trip, planning is an essential step in making sure everything goes smoothly. From packing your bags, filling up the car, and finding the best route, there is a lot to consider before leaving.

In addition, no one ever wants to be delayed due to car troubles or get stuck feeling the heat on a long road trip. Make sure you and your vehicle are prepared in case of an emergency so you can get back on the road faster.

Suggested Emergency Preparation Tasks

Before you embark on your next road trip, be sure to complete the recommended emergency preparation tasks.

Make a List of Important Phone Numbers

You may think you’ll rely on your smartphone to find anything you need on the Internet. But what happens if your vehicle breaks down in an area without service? Or if you’re unable to charge your phone and have to borrow someone else’s and you don’t have any of your saved contacts? Creating a list of essential numbers, including roadside assistance and any hotels or accommodations you have booked, just in case can help avoid situations potentially stressful situations. Keep the numbers with you in the glove compartment in case of an emergency.


Have an Auto Protection Plan

Everyone can benefit from having added protection while away from home. By signing up for any one of Endurance’s protection plans, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered for any unexpected repairs or breakdowns you face out on the road. With Endurance, not only will your vehicle’s most vital components be protected, but you’ll have access to 24/7 roadside assistance and other great perks with a free year’s worth of Endurance Elite Benefits with the purchase of any protection plan.

With this feature, you can contact Endurance for immediate help if something happens when you’re out on the road. We’ll send out towing services to take you to the nearest licensed repair facility, where you’ll just need to show them your Endurance contract, pay any applicable deductibles and sit back as we take care of the repairs.

Bring Extra Essentials

You may have the perfect route planned out for your trip, down to which gas stations you’ll be stopping at. However, unexpected breakdowns could delay you for a night. If you’re camping, make sure to bring extra provisions, such as extra bottles of water and non-perishable foods. You should pack extra food and clothes too, even if you’re staying in a hotel. There may not be laundry facilities on the road, so you’ll need extra clothes to get through the trip. If you are traveling with a pet, be sure to pack extra essential items for them as well, such as extra food, clean water, and any necessary pet-grooming products.

Supplies don’t also need to just refer to food or clothes as well. Have extra cash on hand in case you need to spend an unplanned night somewhere. High temperatures can cause your vehicle’s tire pressure to fluctuate, potentially leading to a dangerous blowout. Checking that you have a properly inflated spare tire can help you avoid being stranded in the event of a blowout. If you are unsure if your spare tire is safe to use, schedule a check-up at your nearest licensed repair facility before you leave on any trip. They can also check for other potential issues in essential components like your car battery, air filters, or if you require an oil change. If you upgrade to EnduranceAdvantage™, you can also receive up to $3,500 in regular maintenance costs on top of the most comprehensive vehicle coverage available.

Bring Extra Vehicle Fluids and Cleaning Supplies

Running out of engine coolant, transmission fluid, or motor oil could spell disaster while on the road, so having extras of each can help you in case of an emergency. These fluids can also evaporate in the extensive summer heat, leading to overheating, so it’s crucial to regularly top off your fluid levels if you’re traveling in hotter climates. Air conditioning issues can also be common problems in warmer weather, so be sure to keep up with your regular car maintenance to help you avoid any potential issues that a fluid refill can’t help.

Windows can also get dirty and dusty, and bringing extra cleaning supplies like glass cleaner and paper towels can keep them clear so you can enjoy more of the sights of your trip. This is also handy if you find yourself going long distances between gas stations or car washing facilities while also helping your washer fluid last longer. If you are unsure of what types of fluid your vehicle needs or the recommended cleaning products to use, check your owner’s manual for more details.

Do Your Research

The best way to prepare for a potential situation is to research your planned route for “safe zones.” A safe zone could be a gas station or the closest repair shop with the best reviews. It’s best to plan ahead and research where you can get any needed help along your trip, including places such as rest stops, gas stations, hotels, and restaurants. If you are traveling with a pet, apart from ensuring to pack extra essentials, check in with any of your designated safe zones to make sure they are “pet friendly.”

What to Do If You Break Down Out of State

Breaking down out of town can be scary, but there is nothing to worry about if you prepare ahead of time.

Here are a few tips to remember if this happens to you:

  1. Safety first – Safety is always first and foremost the most important aspect when dealing with any breakdown. Even if you’re on an empty road, you should make sure to pull your vehicle entirely over so you don’t cause further traffic issues. Turn on your hazard lights as well, especially if you are driving at night or in an area with low visibility to avoid any potential accidents.
  2. Contact roadside assistance – If you’re in a heavily trafficked area, call your 24/7 roadside assistance through your Endurance Protect that is available on both Google Play and in the Apple App Store. We’ll get you in touch with a towing company to take you to the nearest licensed repair facility to start repairs.
  3. Contact the proper authorities – If you do not have an Endurance protection plan with roadside assistance, try calling the local authorities. They should be able to send a tow truck or some form of assistance, and that way, there will be a report of your location.

If you also followed the emergency suggestions and prepared snacks and supplies, you can be sure you have everything you need until help arrives. That’s why planning for the unexpected brings you confidence when hitting the road this summer.

Drive Confident This Summer with Endurance

Don’t let a sudden breakdown leave you feeling the heat of expensive repairs this summer. Sign up for any Endurance protection plan today and receive comprehensive protection and the added bonus of a year’s worth of free Endurance Elite Benefits for extra perks like 24/7 roadside assistance, key fob replacement, tire repairs/replacements, and more.

You can also upgrade to any of the three EnduranceAdvantage protection levels and receive up to $3,500 in regular maintenance coverage for services like tire rotations, alignments, or up to three oil and filter changes per year.

If you don’t have an auto protection plan from Endurance, any time is a great time to prepare for the unexpected. Request a free, no-obligation quote or call 1-866-918-1438 to learn more about any one of our available protection plans. You can also visit our Learning Center to find even more helpful and insightful articles to help you be confident for the road ahead this summer.

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