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  • How do I use my Elite Benefits?

    To maximize your Endurance Elite Benefits, such as tire coverage, key fob replacement, total loss protection, or collision discount, please review your original Elite Benefits membership contract. It contains complete coverage details and terms and conditions. On the Endurance blog, we’ve also outlined the step-by-step process for receiving reimbursement for these benefits.

  • What number do I call for roadside assistance?

    Please refer to your specific vehicle service contract, where you’ll find the contact information for your designated roadside assistance provider. To access your Endurance contract and this vital information, download our mobile app or log in to the Endurance Customer Portal. Both platforms provide easy access to your documents anytime, ensuring you can find help when you need it most.

  • What is included in Endurance Elite Benefits?

    New Endurance customers are eligible to enjoy a year’s worth of Elite Benefits*, designed to provide you with even more valuable protection. These benefits include:

    • Tire Coverage: Repair or replace up to four tires for damage due to road hazards (up to $150 per occurrence).
    • Key or Key Fob Replacement: If you lose your car key or remote key fob, we will cover up to $500 for the repair or replacement.
    • Collision Repair Discount: While we don’t offer insurance coverage, you can still receive up to $500 per incident to repair your vehicle if you’ve been involved in an accident.
    • Total Loss Protection: If your car has been deemed a “total loss” after an accident, we offer up to $1,000 to customers towards a replacement vehicle.

    To learn about the process for receiving reimbursement for these benefits, visit the Endurance blog. For comprehensive details and to understand the full scope of your coverage, please refer to your Elite Benefits membership contract.

    *A small activation fee may apply.

  • How do I use my coverage plan and benefits?

    If your car requires service for components covered under your vehicle service contract, search the RepairPal Partner Network to find a certified repair shop in your area. In addition, if you break down, get a flat tire, run out of gas, or lock your keys in your car, you can utilize the 24/7 roadside assistance benefits that come standard with your plan. Contact the roadside provider listed in your Endurance contract or log in to the Endurance Mobile app to find your provider’s information.

  • How is Endurance different from other extended warranty or vehicle protection companies?

    1. Trust: As the direct administrator of our plans, Endurance handles everything from quote to claim with no middleman and no runaround. Our vehicle protection plans are crafted by certified mechanics and endorsed by actual customers.
    2. Expansive Coverage: Endurance provides the most comprehensive lineup of auto protection plans in the industry. We offer customizable plans for vehicles up to 20-years-old, maintenance benefits, high-mileage coverage, and salvaged or rebuilt car coverage.
    3. Value: We offer value-added benefits to help make a driver’s investment in vehicle protection worth it. Benefits such as 24/7 roadside assistance, key fob replacement, and car rental coverage all offer drivers peace of mind and safety for the road ahead.
    4. Technology: Our smartphone app allows drivers to submit a claim or review coverage – right from the palm of their hand.
  • Are your plans insured?

    Our extended auto warranty plans are 100% insured by some of the nation’s largest and most respected insurance companies. Our insurance providers have been in this business for a very long time and are guaranteed to be there when you need them.

  • Where can I go for repairs that are covered by my vehicle service contract?

    Unlike most extended warranties, Endurance auto protection plans are honored at any ASE licensed or certified repair facility anywhere in the nation. These facilities include dealerships, chain shops, or your local repair shop.

    Even if you are away from home, your vehicle will still be covered when you need repairs. To connect customers with certified mechanics at shops nationwide, we have partnered with RepairPal, the largest auto repair certification provider. To find a local shop near you, visit

  • I’ve found lower prices on the internet. Why should I buy coverage from you?

    Consider both price and quality when shopping for an auto warranty or vehicle service contract. Look for a company that offers competitive rates, but do not be fooled by providers whose prices are far below the market standard. Such companies may rely on Risk Retention Groups as underwriters rather than insurance companies with a much longer history of paying claims and must adhere to strict government standards designed to protect consumers.

    If the price is too low, it may signal that the company has not set enough money aside to guarantee that your claim gets paid when you need it. Select an auto protection plan provider with a strong reputation and long history. Since 2006, Endurance has offered drivers a trusted source for their vehicle protection needs – backed up by real customers, recommended by auto experts, and highly ranked on leading consumer review websites like Consumer Affairs, ConsumersAdvocate,, Google, and Trustpilot.

  • How do towing and roadside assistance work?

    You can access your 24/7 roadside assistance benefits by contacting the roadside assistance provider listed in your vehicle service contract. Download the Endurance Mobile app or sign into the Endurance Customer Portal to view your contract. All you need to do is give your location and condition of your vehicle to the provider, and help will be on the way.

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