FAQ: What is covered under my check engine light?

The check engine light is a dashboard warning light that is part of the onboard diagnostic system (OBD-II). The check engine light is typically yellow, orange, or amber and can display the words “check engine.” In some vehicles, the indicator light can turn red or blink. If you see this, contact roadside assistance, repair shops, or an ASE Certified technician immediately to prevent further damage.

A few common causes for a check engine light include:

  • The gas cap is loose
  • An oxygen sensor is bad
  • Spark plugs need to be replaced
  • Failing oxygen system
  • The catalytic converter is going out
  • The mass airflow sensor is faulty
  • The brake system is failing
  • Low oil pressure
  • The engine is misfiring

It is essential to pay attention to your check engine light. Although it isn’t generally a reason to panic, ignoring the problem can put unnecessary strain on your car’s components and even cause catastrophic damage. Endurance auto protection plans can prevent you from paying out of pocket for expensive, unexpected engine repairs.

Man with his broken down car on the side of a road and check engine light on

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