FAQ: How do I file a claim?

Best practices for filing a maintenance or breakdown claim with Endurance include:

1. Take immediate action to prevent further damage and bring your vehicle to a licensed repair facility. Call Endurance Customer Service at (866) 432-4443 or visit the RepairPal Certified shop network to find a location. If your vehicle service contract includes maintenance coverage, follow a similar process as outlined below.

2. Have the shop obtain authorization from your contract administrator (in this case, Endurance) before moving forward on any repairs or maintenance.

3. Authorize “tear-down and inspection” with the shop, if needed, for the repairs. This will allow the repair facility to determine the cause and cost.

4. Review what will be covered with the shop’s service manager and have them complete your claim.

5. Pay any applicable deductible (which will depend on the terms of your vehicle service contract) and keep all documentation during this time.

7. Sit back and relax while your car gets repaired, then pick it up!

You can also find the steps to file a claim in your Endurance contract. Access your full contract and terms on the Endurance Mobile app.

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