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Filing Claims

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Topics and Questions

  • How to find a certified mechanic?

    Access the RepairPal Partner Network to find a trustworthy, certified car mechanic in your area who accepts Endurance vehicle service contracts. We have partnered with RepairPal, the leading provider of auto repair and maintenance information, to connect drivers with ASE Certified repair shops, ensuring you can access reliable vehicle repair services. Visit our RepairPal partner page and enter your zip code into the search feature to find a certified technician located near you.

  • Where do I find a list of repair shops?

    Wherever you are in the country, Endurance auto protection plans are valid at any certified repair shop. This includes a wide range of facilities, from dealerships and franchise operations to independent local garages.

    Your coverage remains active even when you’re far from home, ensuring your vehicle gets the necessary repairs. We’ve partnered with RepairPal to help our customers access a network of ASE Certified mechanics and licensed repair facilities. To find one near you, explore the RepairPal Certified Shop Network.

  • When do I file a claim?

    We suggest taking immediate action after a breakdown by contacting Endurance. Our friendly Customer Experience Team is ready to help you begin the process of filing a claim. We can also help you find a licensed repair shop to get started on fixing your car.

    In the case of a breakdown, contact our 24/7 roadside assistance through the Endurance Mobile app or by calling 877.488.2418. A tow truck can help you take your car to a licensed repair facility, and from there, you can instruct the service manager to contact Endurance to obtain authorization for the claim. It’s important to note that filing your claim right away can help prevent further damage.

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  • What happens after I file a claim?

    After you file your claim, we will complete a final review to issue the authorization. All you have to do is sit back and relax while your car is repaired. We will reimburse the shop for the cost of the parts and labor, and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

  • How do I file a claim?

    Best practices for filing a maintenance or breakdown claim with Endurance include:

    1. Take immediate action to prevent further damage and bring your vehicle to a licensed repair facility. Call Endurance Customer Service at (866) 432-4443 or visit the RepairPal Certified shop network to find a location. If your vehicle service contract includes maintenance coverage, follow a similar process as outlined below.

    2. Have the shop obtain authorization from your contract administrator (in this case, Endurance) before moving forward on any repairs or maintenance.

    3. Authorize “tear-down and inspection” with the shop, if needed, for the repairs. This will allow the repair facility to determine the cause and cost.

    4. Review what will be covered with the shop’s service manager and have them complete your claim.

    5. Pay any applicable deductible (which will depend on the terms of your vehicle service contract) and keep all documentation during this time.

    7. Sit back and relax while your car gets repaired, then pick it up!

    You can also find the steps to file a claim in your Endurance contract. Access your full contract and terms on the Endurance Mobile app.

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  • How do I check the status of my claim?

    When filing a claim at Endurance, we know our customers’ most significant concern is knowing when it will be approved or completed. Check the Endurance Mobile app for live updates, or contact our customer experience team at (866) 432-4443.

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  • How do I know if my claim will be covered?

    Depending on the Endurance coverage options you have for your vehicle (or which ones you are considering), the claims process may look different. Your contract will have a comprehensive coverage list of the components that are or aren’t covered. Access your contract on the Endurance Mobile app or log in to our Customer Portal.

  • How much is the deductible?

    Endurance offers a wide range of plans with deductibles ranging from $0 – $200 depending on coverage and options selected by the customer.

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