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Why You Should Purchase a Warranty from a Direct Administrator

BY: Endurance
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Dealing with an extended warranty is something that nobody wants to worry about until they have to. Therefore, it is easy to overlook the importance of being prepared and ready when the inevitable happens. There are many different types of car warranties out there; all of varying prices, quality, service, and reliability. At Endurance, we pride ourselves in being a top VSC administrator in the industry, and here are a few reasons why:

We Actually Care

Endurance being a direct provider, understands the simplicity that comes with dealing with customers one on one, and how it helps us to build and maintain relationships by being a reliable service. When you purchase your warranty directly, you know exactly who you are dealing with, which makes asking questions when you need assistance much more personal. Often, there is a middle man that you don’t even know about until it comes down to filing a claim on your vehicle.

Price: You Get What You Pay For

Direct administrators file their own quotes, claims, and everything else in between. All this hard work is evidence that we care about our people and shows our customers that the price you pay is what you’re going to get out of it. Dealerships often raise rates, and the customer care is not even there to make it worth your while.

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Additional Benefits

Direct administrators have the leisure of providing additional perks and benefits at no extra cost, whereas other companies rarely offer or include perks at all. With the Endurance Elite Membership, benefits include tire replacement, key fob replacement, and even a personal concierge.


With a direct administrator, there is no question about who you have supporting you in the case of a bad situation. Being a direct administrator puts all responsibility on the company; therefore lack of performance and communication is not an option. We take care of our customers and want them to feel as though they can rely on us in the good times, but more importantly, the bad.

Just like with any relationship, dealing with things in a direct manner is always more efficient in communication and when trying to get things done. To get a free quote, fill out the requested information on our home page, and we will give you a call right away to get you set up with a policy.

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