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What Can Void My Factory Warranty?

BY: Alex Perrone
what can void a factory warranty

A factory warranty can be very beneficial in saving you money on costly repairs. However, each protection plan comes with guidelines that must be followed to keep your coverage active. Failing to abide by them can result in you having to pay out-of-pocket when dealing with a breakdown.

Whether you have a factory warranty or a used car extended warranty, each is going to have its requirements to keep you from voiding the warranty. To avoid this from happening to you, our experts compiled a list of the top 8 ways you can void your factory warranty.

Top 8 Ways To Void Your Warranty

1. Title Issues

One of the most common warranty-voiding occurrences is a salvage title. If your car has been in a severe accident and was declared a total loss or given a salvage title, your entire warranty will be voided. If you unknowingly purchased a salvage titled car, then finding an extended warranty can become difficult—until now.

With the introduction of our newest protection plan, EnduranceAdvantage, you’ll never worry about paying for covered auto repairs or regular maintenance again. Most plans have a steep list of disclaimers and exclude salvaged or rebuilt vehicles, but not EnduranceAdvantage. Don’t drive another second without the auto protection that’s revolutionizing the industry. Request a free, no-obligation quote to get started today.

2. Warranty-Voiding Modifications

Modifying your vehicle is a pastime enjoyed by many. From tire height to tinted windows, everyone enjoys making their car feel brand new. Cars are an extension of our personalities and modifying them is a great way to make our own car stand out. As fun as this may be, you may run the risk of voiding your warranty. You will need to check with your warranty provider to find out what modifications will void your warranty and which ones you can still do. This can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Depending on which modifications you go with, you can still find a premium extended warranty for your vehicle. You may have to pay a few extra dollars due to the modifications, but this will be much more affordable compared to paying for costly breakdowns. 

3. Lemon Law Cars

A lemon car refers to a car that has several manufacturing defects that greatly affects the safety and value of the car. Buying a lemon law car back from the manufacturer is quite popular for those looking to get a cheap car, but it comes with consequences. 

Getting an extended warranty for a vehicle that has been deemed a lemon will be quite difficult through a third-party. If you have purchased an extended warranty and your car is deemed a lemon, your extended warranty will be voided.

4. Country Restrictions

For those who are traveling or are looking to move out of the country, checking the restrictions on your factory or extended warranty will be crucial. Some manufacturers and third-party companies will not allow a warranty to cover vehicles in another country. This will vary between manufacturer and factory warranty vs extended car warranty, so checking with your specific provider will be necessary.

If you’re currently shopping for an extended warranty and having a hard time getting serviced in the U.S., stress no more. Canadian Grey Market vehicles are eligible for all levels of EnduranceAdvantage coverage. We also pick up coverage if your manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t transfer upon entry to the U.S.

5. Misuse Of Vehicle

Misuse of your vehicle can result in an extended warranty company voiding your warranty as they see fit. This can include off-roading, racing, and other activities that go beyond driving your vehicle under normal conditions. These activities can put more wear and tear on your car than what was originally intended to be covered by your warranty. If you think you will not be caught, browse a couple of internet car forums and search for instances where car manufacturers and dealers monitor how their vehicles are being used. If they can prove that it was used in a way not covered, your warranty may be voided.

6. Altered Odometer

While this is a practice usually done by those with advanced mechanical knowledge, it is still worth mentioning. If you have altered your odometer, your warranty will be voided. Warranties are based on yearly increments or by mileage. Altering your mileage can affect how your warranty would be paid out, so your company will simply void the warranty. 

7. Environmental Damage

Environmental damage can also void a factory or extended warranty depending on the company that you choose. Environmental damage can be caused by flooding, earthquakes, tornados, or other environmental disasters. This is usually the case for just about every manufacturer or third-party extended warranty company.

8. Use Of Dirty Or Improper Fluids

Factory and extended warranties can be easily voided if you or someone else uses dirty or improper fluids on your vehicle. This ranges from a stranger pouring sugar in your gas tank to using the wrong oil in your engine. If a repair is needed due to the use of these types of fluids, your warranty will most likely not cover it and be voided out completely.

Although doing maintenance at home is more affordable to do, our experts advise visiting your trusted mechanic to perform all the essential to-dos. By doing this, you’re minimizing the chance of your warranty being voided and premature damage from occurring.

How To Avoid Warranty Issues

The best way to keep your warranty from becoming void is to be informed on what you can do to prevent it from happening. To help give you a better understanding of what will void your warranty, we have provided three great tips.

  • Read your warranty—Take a few minutes to fully read your warranty. While this may seem like a lot of work, it is only going to benefit you in the long run. Your warranty should clearly specify what will void your warranty, as well as what’s covered.
  • Service your car at correct intervals—Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle not only keeps it running for longer periods of time, but it also ensures that your warranty stays intact. Neglecting your vehicle’s maintenance schedule can cause long-term damage to your vehicle which can easily be seen by the repair shop when you bring it in. Visible signs of neglect can easily void a warranty, so make sure to keep up with your maintenance schedule.
  • Keep all service records and receipts—When you take your vehicle in for service or repair, always keep the receipts and any paperwork that comes with it. This will help you keep a record of any warranty work, maintenance, or service work you have done to your vehicle.

Introducing EnduranceAdvantage™

Once your factory warranty expires, most people lose sight of the hard truth—when an auto manufacturer’s warranty expires, you’re responsible for covering any mechanical breakdowns and the associated costs. Drive confidently knowing you have the most comprehensive auto protection package on the market. 

EnduranceAdvantage™ offers up to $3,500 in maintenance coverage, including oil and filter changes, brake pad and wiper replacements, and more. The program also has unrivaled eligibility—most auto protection plans have a steep list of disclaimers and exclusions, but not EnduranceAdvantage. The fully customizable plan means there’s something for everyone, whether customers have a high-mileage vehicle or a car with advanced tech. Get started today and request a free, no-obligation quote to get started.

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