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2017 New York Auto Show: Everything You Need to Know

BY: Alex Perrone


The year is only a mere 4 months in right now and already the auto industry is in a big race to show off their latest and greatest.

That’s right, it’s still Auto Show season!

The destination for this week’s even is none other than New York. While the press was only supposed to know what was up on April 12-13 before the April 14 or feeds were already full of inside scoops. That’s right, today on Shoptalk we’ve got the biggest hits, news and surprises from the 2017 New York Auto Show. We’ll be giving you a rundown of all the new big-ticket vehicles that are set to roll up in the into the Jacob Javits Convention Center and not just hot performance cars.

And yet it seems that automakers are confident that the market will be good for these big ticket cars. Though many experts like Karl Brauer, executive publisher at Cox Automotive, disagree. Brauer told USA TODAY that there is greater potential for loss and risk than reward in the current automotive market.

While it is true that much of the models being shown this week in New York, or at least the ones that seem to receive the most attention, tend to fall at the high end of the price spectrum. That may seem like an odd choice given that those tend to be the kinds of cars that garner low sales especially when buyers are concerned about the economy.

Come what may, here’s what we do know coming out of the 2017 New Your Auto Show:


Muscles are Back

While you can’t argue that the biggest increases in horsepower have come over the past two decades, you can’t help that most drivers associate muscle cars with the 1960s and early 1970s. Thanks to the ever quickly evolving engine technology that may begin to change.

Take Fiat Chrysler, for instance.

FCA is currently shaking things up in the automotive world with their all new 707-horsepower Hellcat V-8 for Dodge Challengers and Chargers. But that’s not all, FCA is sweetening the deal with a new, more powerful engine that will go in the aforementioned Challenger. They call it the Dodge Challenger Demon.

We think that sounds as ominous as it does cool. Details are scarce, however but we can’t wait to learn more about this monster.

SUVs Get an Upgrade

Land Rover is staying the course and working on their own line of plush, go-anywhere SUVs. Their latest project is called the Velar, after the Latin word “velare,” which means “to veil or cover.” The Velar made a splashy Geneva debut and is now touring the big apple.

As if they took this as a cue to step up, Lincoln has responded by showing off their new Navigator . The updated massive luxury SUV is set to arrive to renewed interest given the recent surge of sales (up 5.6% in the first three months of the year) among the large family haulers.

Meanwhile our friends from Sweden, Volvo, are set on building on the success of their full-size vehicles with the newer, larger version of the XC60 SUV.

GM’s Buick is entering the race with their own spin on a fancier version of their top selling Enclave SUV, called the Avenir.


Where are the Sedans?

It’s not a surprise that automakers are spending a lot of time and effort to SUV class vehicles given their record sales. You can see that the once market -dominant midsize sedan is not getting as much attention these days. Not since 2014, when SUVs and crossovers supplanted sedans U.S. sales.

That is not stopping Hyundai from showing off a big upgrade of their midsized Sonata. Meanwhile Mercedes-Benz is set on showing off an all new concept sedan from their revitalized AMG performance unit. In addition, Buick has already made the case for two new variants of their Regal sedan — a fastback and a wagon.


Enhanced Performance

Muscle is not everything, it seems. As if they were unfazed by the ferocity of Dodge’s muscled out Demon, Japanese automaker, Honda, is set to showcase the latest and most powerful variant of their pocket rocket: the Civic Type R. While the Type R has been sold in Europe to much acclaim from owners and critics and it is dead set on making waves during its American debut.

And you heard it from us first, we are hearing some big things about Porsche’s new performance cars coming as well.


It’s not Easy Being Green

Once upon a time…like a year ago and change, automakers fell over one another to compete for a full lineup of alternatively powered cars. These days, they can’t seem to distance themselves from those enough.

Not completely forgotten, however, as in New York, Honda is showcasing their newest plug-in hybrid and battery electric versions of the Clarity. The Calrify was a five-seat sedan that up to this write up was only available for lease as a hydrogen fuel-cell car in California.


And there you have it! The New York Auto Show does not have the size of Chicago or prestige of Geneva or notoriety as Detroit but as you can see, it has plenty to offer just in terms of big announcements!

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