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Ford Recalling 1.4 Million Cars Due to Steering Wheels Falling Off

BY: Alex Perrone
A close up view of an man driving with his hand on the steering wheel

In March 2018, Ford struggled with a major recall, and this one was particularly unsafe for drivers. They recalled upwards of 1.4 million sedans across North America, and the reason was that the bolts meant to keep the steering wheel attached to the column in the car could get loose. Eventually, the steering wheel could become ineffective when it came to turns and the like, and at worst, it might have actually just ended up falling off while driving.

Obviously, this was a major issue since a steering wheel is essential for driving. That’s why Ford had taken quick steps to ensure they could inspect and repair potentially affected vehicles. Many automakers who issue recalls for their cars tend to take their time. Others take the initiative to minimize the chance of bad press and danger to their customers. In this case, Ford responded quickly and assertively.

Before Ford owners start looking for a way to call and see if their car has been affected, it is important to explain exactly what went wrong with the cars and how they can be fixed.

The Affected Cars, the Accidents They Caused, and Ford’s Recall

The cars with the most at-risk steering wheels were the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models from the 2014-2018 model years. They were covered by this new recall safety action, which meant that an estimated more than 1.4 million cars could be potential dangers in the United States alone.

As far as the news was concerned, there had only been two reported crashes. Meanwhile, at least one major injury was connected directly to this issue. All affected owners were set to be notified by the end of April at the latest. That was also the start date for mandatory repairs and safety inspections. However, Ford did not tell drivers to cease driving completely.

This was another setback for Ford because it was only five months after the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had opened an official investigation into Ford. Both issues were related because they investigated another issue involving the steering wheels falling off of Fusions from the 2014 through 2016 model years.

For a bit of context, the NHTSA had claimed in documents they published publicly that they began this investigation after becoming aware of three complaints. In each of those complaints, the drivers detailed that the steering wheel of their cars fell onto their laps while driving.

The other two complaints came from people who managed to report that the bolt attaching the wheel to the steering column came loose but didn’t detach while driving. They were forced to correct the matter at a repair shop. Back then, there were still no reports of crashes or injuries.

Other Major Recalls

Of course, Ford wasn’t the only automaker that year to issue a large recall. In February 2018, Hyundai also recalled 43,900 vehicles that were at risk of the steering wheel breaking away from the steering column. That recall affected the 2018 Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport SUVs.

To find out more about this Ford recall and other future recalls and/or service advisories for your Ford vehicle, visit Ford’s website. If you have any specific questions about this recall or what to do if a part of your vehicle has been recalled, check your manufacturer’s website or go to

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