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Subaru Extended Warranty Options after the Manufacturer’s Warranty

BY: Alex Perrone
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Subaru vehicles have a renowned reputation for reliability and performance. But when this original factory coverage expires or you purchase a pre-owned Subaru, there are plenty of options for those wanting to protect their vehicle with a Subaru extended warranty.

Subaru vehicles tend to last long beyond the scope of Subaru’s warranty. At most, Subaru wants to guarantee their products are free of any manufacturer mistakes or defects for a few years and back their powertrain for a little longer. In most cases, you will still be driving your Subaru long after that factory warranty has expired.

Although Subaru vehicles rank higher than many competitors regarding reliability, eventually, every car breaks down at some point. If it happens outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, Subaru owners will be responsible for paying all repair bills.

Subaru owners know that when purchasing their car, they are presented with acclaimed packages and options. It’s only fair that these owners have that same level of choice when it comes to extending the life of their automobile after the warranty has expired.

Endurance is an industry-leading provider of vehicle service contracts – commonly referred to as extended auto warranties, with many options for new and used Subaru drivers.

Subaru Manufacturer Warranty: A Guide to Subaru Factory Warranty Coverage

Subaru’s factory warranty begins at a “Basic Limited” level and is limited to the first three years or 36,000 miles of ownership, whichever comes first.

In addition to limited coverage, Subaru also provides powertrain coverage, which is only available for the first five years or 60,000 miles of ownership, whichever comes first.

In other words, once that five years is over, you are entirely responsible for the costs of repair and labor of your Subaru. Let us take a look at how Subaru covers your car and what exactly you will be losing once coverage ends.

Subaru Basic Warranty (3 years/36,000 miles)

The Basic Limited Warranty from Subaru is less “protection” and more of a guarantee from Subaru that the vehicle you purchased is meeting their high standards.

The goal for Subaru is to ensure that your car is free of factory defects or flaws in the quality or the actual mechanical aspects.

Every Subaru is different and requires a different level of coverage.

You would not protect a Subaru WRX like a Subaru Forester, which is why Subaru outlines what is and isn’t covered under the basic limited warranty for each car.

However, a perk from this warranty is that any optional Subaru accessory you had installed by Subaru is also covered.

Since this is aimed at addressing factory issues, Subaru will also cover all necessary adjustment services (oil and filter changes, alignments, multi-point inspections) during this 36-month/36,000-mile period.

Subaru Limited Powertrain Warranty (5 years/60,000 miles)

All-new Subaru vehicles also come with a powertrain warranty. This is focused on covering the parts of your car that let it drive. Think of them as the “main organs” of your car, the vital stuff that keeps it running.

The following parts and components fall under the “Subaru Powertrain Warranty” and are covered for 5 years and/or 60,000 miles (whichever comes first) after a new vehicle is purchased:

  • Engine
  • Engine block and all internal parts
  • Cylinder heads and valve trains
  • The oil pump and oil pan
  • Timing belts or gears and cover
  • Water pump
  • Flywheel
  • Intake and exhaust manifolds
  • Oil seals and gaskets

While under the basic and powertrain Subaru warranty, drivers should also protect their vehicle’s transaxle and differential. Those are the parts of a car that hold the major moving parts together:

  • Transaxle case and internal parts
  • Torque converter
  • The electronic transmission control unit
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Axle shafts and constant velocity joints
  • Propeller shaft
  • Wheel bearings

Finally, this 5-year coverage plan includes a Rust Perforation Limited Warranty. This means that Subaru drivers can report corrosion and rust issues, which is unlikely but does happen to many cars driven in harsher environments.

For the five years of your Subaru ownership, you are well protected from the unfortunate repair costs you could incur if something were to break down. What do you do when the 5 years are over, and you plan to keep your car longer?

Is a Subaru Extended Warranty Worth It? Average Repair Costs for Subaru

Subaru warranties are comprehensive, but they don’t last forever. When they expire, you lose some of that confidence you had when you started owning and driving your car.

Those drivers whose manufacturer’s auto warranty has expired or who purchased their vehicle pre-owned are not forced to go unprotected. These drivers have many vehicle protection options that shield them from the high cost of auto repairs.

If you continue to drive your car, here are the most common repairs for a Subaru, using the 2017 Forester model as an example (RepairPal):

Water Pump Replacement $367-$530
Head Gasket Replacement $1092-$1788
Oil Pump Replacement $439-$749
Alternator Replacement $432-$598
Door Window Motor Replacement $324-$379
Starter Replacement $340-$573
Heater Core Replacement $595-$851
AC Compressor Replacement $803-$1282
Power Steering Pump Replacement $537-$629


What is a Subaru Vehicle Service Contract?

A vehicle service contract is a plan between you and a provider, in our case, Endurance.

It is a promise from Endurance to pay for specified repairs related to the eventual mechanical failures during a specified amount of time.

Some refer to these as an extended warranty because it essentially acts as a continuation of the money-saving benefits that came from factory coverage even when provided by an independent third-party company.

Here are the terms associated with vehicle service contracts you need to know:

Obligor — this is the official, legal term for the third-party company that is obligated to live up to the terms of the agreement and contract.

Administrator — This refers to who is specified in the agreement to handle claims related to the contract. In Endurance’s case, we are the obligor and administrator of our coverage plans. Not every provider is.

Does My Car Need an Extended Subaru Warranty?

Weighing the costs and benefits of a vehicle service contract is important.

However, Subaru vehicles are some of the most groundbreaking and innovative cars in the market.

With every new development built into their cars, from the Crosstek to the Legacy, repair costs of Subarus only increase the better they get. And they will continue to become more expensive.

Given the high cost of ordinary repairs for a Subaru, a single after-warranty repair covered by a vehicle service contract could potentially pay for itself. Subaru has a reputation for reliability and engineering, but even the best machines were never meant to be in perfect condition forever.

Here are The Makes And Models That Qualify for Coverage:

Impreza Forester Legacy
BRZ Ascent Outback
WRX Crosstek Baja

Should I Consider an Extended Warranty While My Subaru is Under the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Subaru’s 5 years of coverage is focused mainly on new vehicles.

Owners of used and older model Subaru vehicles, even ones still under warranty, should look into vehicle service contracts sooner. Service agreements and warranty terms change the older your car gets and the longer it drives.

In fact, your car may not qualify for the same comprehensiveness of coverage and price later on in its life. The earlier you purchase coverage, the more likely you are to lock in the best deal and the most complete level of coverage for your car.

Vehicle service contracts come backed by a company as reputable as Endurance offers many benefits to coverage beyond saving on repairs. You will have access to our 24/7 emergency roadside service for a jump-start, towing and trip interruption. You will have rental car benefits, should repairs take their time.

Protecting the Life of Your Subaru with Endurance

Everyone can agree that Subaru builds quality cars. From the award-winning CUV, the Outback, to the sporty Toyota collaboration, the BRZ, there’s no denying that Subaru is a formidable automaker.

That is why Endurance is also confident that we can provide vehicle service contracts to give Subaru drivers extra confidence on the road ahead. The added benefits of a vehicle service contract are a continuation of the level of protection once provided to you within the first five years.

Coverage from a third-party provider will save you money on the costs and labor that come with a repair or replacing parts of your car that do not work as well as they were intended to.

Endurance has protected many Subarus in the decades we have been in the business. We aimed to provide the Subaru vehicle service contracts that stand as the best in the market. Subaru’s factory warranty really pushed us to work to match a similar level of confidence in drivers. That is why Endurance offers plans risk-free. Subaru drivers have the chance to try vehicle protection from Endurance for 30-days or 1000 miles before deciding if this is the best option for them.

Just as Subaru has a renowned reputation, Endurance comes backed by familiar and well-respected insurance companies with a history of paying claims. If you own a Subaru, you think of it as an investment. So why not protect your investment with the nation’s #1 administrator of vehicle service contracts?


The information below is a resource center for all Subaru owners. If you are shopping for extended coverage, it helps to know your car’s reliability and safety history. If you are a long-time Subaru owner and have a high-mileage vehicle, it is best to know about important safety recalls and manufacturer defects. Subaru owners should also know exactly what kind of breakdowns to expect, especially after the time and mileage of a Subaru of America warranty end.

Company Phone Number: 1-800-SUBARU3 (1-800-782-2783)

Company Website:

General Recalls, Problems, and Defects:

Subaru Owner Reviews:

Subaru Automotive Recalls:

FAQs: Subaru Extended Warranty

  • Is it worth buying an extended warranty for my Subaru?

If you have an older model and are worried about extreme out-of-pocket expenses, then an extended warranty is for you. Endurance offers four different coverage plans, with the Supreme Plan covering everything from AC to turbo and supercharger and the Select Premiere eliminating coverage on power items like brakes, gaskets, and steering.

  • What repairs are covered by an extended warranty?

Depending on your coverage plan, extended warranties can cover everything from the engine, fuel, transmission, cooling systems, electrical, and more. Endurance has an option that is suitable for everyone and provides payment plans if needed. Check out each plan we offer, including sample contracts with full details.

  • What’s the difference between an extended warranty from Subaru compared to Endurance?

Aside from being the direct administrator and obligor of most plans we offer, we launched our Endurance Elite Benefits which offers total protection to our customers. Our program provides 24/7 roadside assistance and tire reimbursement for up to four tires that need to be replaced or repaired. You can also stay up-to-date with your plan on our Endurance Protect App, which allows easy access to your account.

  • How do I know if my Subaru model qualifies?

The Subaru models that qualify are the following: Impreza, BRZ, WRX, Forester, Ascent, Crosstek, Legacy, Outback, and Baja. We also cover up to 200,000 miles for all qualifying vehicles.

  • How do I get a quote for an extended car warranty?

You can request a quote by easily filling out your vehicle information, phone number, and email. You’ll get your quote in minutes!

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