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Register Your Car for Safe Competitive Events All Summer Long

BY: Alex Perrone

car on summer track

In the summer time the temptation is there to just get out and drive. But some of us are not interested in road trips. Now, some of us have the need, the need for speed.

For those of us who have been itching to push our cars a little harder this summer, there’s many tracks that allow for what’s called “AutoCross”

And when it comes to autocross, it’s in fact one of the easiest and least expensive ways to compete in your car.

Here’s How to Enter the Competition:

burnout racing track

You need an active driver’s license to enter in any type of driving event. You need to have it on you in order to show he people working registration that you’re good to go.

– If you are under 18, you will need both your parents to sign a minor waiver for you.

Make sure your car is in working order. Few tracks have the same safety gear that you might see in race cars, you at least need to be sure your car is in good shape with no loose/worn suspension parts. Check that your car battery is securely held in place. Make sure that no  tires have a cord or metal showing, and that your car’s brakes and seatbelts are in good shape and it has no fluid leaks.

Every track has a tech inspector who will make sure your car is ready to go.

checking car track

Wear a helmet. Not a bicycle helmet, of course. You need a proper driving when you’re driving on course. Sometimes you can rent one from the host Region of the event. But that can be quite gross. If you have your own it must meet safety standards of being “DOT-Approved,” and the Snell “M” and “SA” but it also needs to have the number 2005 or higher after the letters. Any and all ECE R22.05 certified helmets are also allowed and are common at motorcycle shops.

The tech inspector will make sure if your helmet is OK or not.

Registering and Participating:

Look up events in your neck of the woods. All you need is to look up an autocross website, enter your zip and find local Regions, look at the schedules, and choose an event to attend.

Register: Registration usually begins online.  Be sure to look for the details about how registration might be a different process each time. The typical price for entering is between $25 and $60.

Show up: Once you have registered, the next step is to come out to an event, sign the waiver, and enter. You will need to pay extra close attention to the schedule of when you can have your car go through tech inspection, when registration opens and when the course is open for walking. Know when drivers meetings are held.

car racing track

Get your car inspected: Meet that appointment for having your car looked at. A technical safety inspection entails experts double checking your car to see that it passes all every safety term. They will also make sure you have all the working safety equipment.

Walk the course: You are only allowed a few runs on the course. That is why you should walk and “plan” how to drive it.

Drive: That’s it; it’s time to get behind the wheel. Every track and event has an area for “grid” where you park between runs. There will be staff on hand to tell you when to go up to the line to make your run.

This is the part where you have fun, look at your time, and try to go faster until all your runs are over with.

empty race track

Our final piece of advice is for you to just look ahead and relax. That allows you to see the course in all its glory and also just have a great time!

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