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Looking for coverage for your new, used, or pre-owned vehicle but not sure how much you should pay? Well you’re not alone! Many drivers aren’t sure how much they should be paying for their vehicle protection and unfortunately, some get ripped off. The list of articles below and the featured ones above will guide you in the right direction to find the lowest cost for your coverage. Find out exactly how much you should pay for an extended auto warranty and browse the following list of articles and helpful tips to secure zero-fee payment plans, money-saving discounts, and other useful information.

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Author: Nicole Bolden

Nicole Bolden has been a senior Customer Service Representative for over 3-years at Endurance. Originally from Durham, North Carolina, she moved to Chicago when she was only 12-years-old... with her parent, of course. Being a female in the industry, Nicole says that she loves the confidence, peace of mind, and real life relevancy she gets at her job. She also delights in being able to offer other women her years of experience and knowledge to help them better understand their vehicle and protection options. An Illinois State University graduate and a former Windy City cheerleader, Nicole, mother of two, says what she enjoys most is long walks... to the bank. Connect with her on Google+!


  1. Hello, I purchased a 2008 Mercedes GL450 without an extended warranty (shame on me) so I am in need of a quote.

    • Hello La Chanda,
      Please contact one of our Vehicle Protection Specialists at 866.918.1438 to get your free quote.

  2. Checking on my extended warranty.
    VIN #: *******7044
    When does it expire?

    • Hi Terry, based on the information you provided we were not able to find an existing Vehicle Service Contract for your Lexus in our system. Please call our Customer Service department at 866-432-4443 to find out if you have coverage with Endurance.

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